The Real-Life TV Show Homes People Search Most

Friends Apartment

Friends Apartment by Rob Young (CC BY)

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Friends Apartment
Friends Apartment by Rob Young (CC BY)

Come and Knock on These Doors

Maybe there's a hit TV show you miss — or maybe you just like daydreaming about the house or apartment where it appeared to be filmed. RubyHome, a Los Angeles real estate firm, decided to find out which TV show homes get Googled the most. Why the curiosity? “TV shows don’t just offer viewers engaging storylines, but are a symbol of the time that they aired," says a company spokesperson. "This study offers a fascinating insight into the TV show homes that have stood the test of time not only in popularity but in style.”

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'The Sopranos'
'The Sopranos' by Kd5463 (CC BY-SA)

5. 'The Sopranos'

The hit HBO series about a mafia don who goes into therapy still has fans looking up the real-life North Caldwell, New Jersey home. With searches for "Tony Soprano house" racking up 3,900 searches a month and "The Sopranos house" bringing in 3,100 a month, the series' home scores a respectable (sort of) 7,000 searches a month.

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Halliwell Manor Charmed
Halliwell Manor Charmed by Kansas Sebastian (CC BY-NC-ND)

4. 'Charmed'

The show has been off the air since 2006, but Halliwell Manor still drums up 7,400 searches worldwide each month. Fans might be disappointed to learn (especially if they go looking for it) the real-life location, despite the show being set in San Francisco, is actually Los Angeles. 

'Breaking Bad'
'Breaking Bad' by cobalt123 (CC BY-NC-SA)

3. 'Breaking Bad'

Walter White fans search for the real-life home of the tragic drug dealer 14,300 times per month. While the actual house was rented to the production, it's still privately owned and has been lived in by the same couple for 40 years, so don't knock on the door when you're visiting Albuquerque, New Mexico

Full House
Full House by Wayne Hsieh (CC BY-NC)

2. 'Full House'

The reboot "Fuller House" was canceled in 2020, but it undoubtedly reignited interest in ABC's "Full House," which went off the air in 1995. It pulls in 43,100 total hits each month, and while the series was mostly filmed on a soundstage, fans can see the actual exterior in San Francisco.

Friends Apartment Building
Friends Apartment Building by Shinya Suzuki (CC BY-ND)

1. 'Friends'

While the series has been off the air (except in reruns and reunions) since 2004, that huge apartment no twentysomethings could actually afford still attracts attention. Between "Friends apartment" and "Monica's apartment," the series' real-life digs attract a whopping 43,300 searches each month.