The Rainiest Place in America Isn't Where You Think

Miami Skyline

RAUL RODRIGUEZ/istockphoto

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Miami Skyline
RAUL RODRIGUEZ/istockphoto

Come Rain or … Rain

If asked to picture the rainiest place in the U.S., you might immediately summon images of the Pacific Northwest where the fog seems to hover nearly every day and the rain with it. But the U.S.’ varied weather patterns cause a lot of variation from coast to coast, and in its non-contiguous states, too. We’ve compiled a list of the 20 rainiest cities in the U.S., ranked from least to most. Read on to discover where you may want to vacation or relocate — or where you want to avoid, depending on your preference.


All mean precipitations are compiled from weather data collected from 1981-2010 and reported on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Centers for Environmental Information.


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Shreveport, Louisiana, USA Skyline
Sean Pavone/istockphoto

20. Shreveport, Louisiana

Mean Rainfall: 51.47 inches


Rain falls on this southern city every month. The rainiest month is November. If you’re looking for clear skies, you’re most likely to find them in August (the least rainy month).   

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Downtown Chattanooga Tennessee USA Dome Building
Jacksonville, Florida.
Rural Tennessee
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17. Jackson, Tennessee

Mean Rainfall: 52.65 inches


Jackson gets precipitation of some kind 112 days a year. Even splashing around with more than 50 inches of rain a year, that still leaves plenty of sunny days in the forecast.

Montgomery, Alabama, USA
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16. Montgomery, Alabama

Mean Rainfall: 53.16 inches


Rain, snow, sleet, and hail are all common in Montgomery, where precipitation falls on average 95 days a year.

Monroe, Louisiana

15. Monroe, Louisiana

Mean Rainfall: 53.49 inches


The eighth largest city in Louisiana, Monroe’s northwest location gives it a humid, subtropical climate. Summer often brings severe weather, with heavy rain and hail.


Houston, Texas

14. Houston, Texas

Mean Rainfall: 53.66 inches


Houston’s monsoon season runs from May to October, when the city is most likely to receive rain and encounter flooding.

Beale Street Music District in Memphis Tennessee USA

13. Memphis, Tennessee

Mean Rainfall: 53.76 inches


Memphis is the rainiest city in Tennessee, which has three entries in the top 20 list of rainiest U.S. cities. April (the wettest month) and August (the driest month) bookend Memphis’ summers.


Birmingham, Alabama, USA Cityscape
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12. Birmingham, Alabama

Mean Rainfall: 53.82 inches


This central Alabama city ticks off rain 112 days a year.

Jackson, Mississippi Skyline

11. Jackson, Mississippi

Mean Rainfall: 54.25 inches


If you love rainy days, head to Jackson in February (the wettest month) and skip September (the driest).

Huntsville, Alabama, USA Skyline
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10. Huntsville, Alabama

Mean Rainfall: 54.57 inches


Huntsville sees the most rainy days in July, with an average of 12 days of rain, but the most precipitation in December with an average rainfall of nearly 5 inches.


Tupelo, Mississippi City Hall

9. Tupelo, Mississippi

Mean Rainfall: 55.05 inches


Kicking off the top 10 rainiest places in the U.S., Tupelo is also the rainiest city in Mississippi. It receives precipitation 114 days a year.

City town street during sunny day in Florida gulf of mexico coast for shopping and palm trees

8. Fort Myers, Florida

Mean Rainfall: 55.32 inches


This city hugging the Gulf Coast receives a lot of rain, but you wouldn’t know it from the drought the city experienced in early 2022. It got back on track by setting a rainfall record on April 29 with 4.1 inches, nearly three times the previous record for that day.

Downtown Wilmington

7. Wilmington, North Carolina

Mean Rainfall: 56.82 inches


This coastal city sees the most showers in July; it receives, on average, 7.6 inches that month.  


Miami Skyline
RAUL RODRIGUEZ/istockphoto

6. Miami

Mean Rainfall: 61.77 inches


It rains cats and dogs in Miami from May to September, the city’s monsoon season.


Downtown Juneau, Alaska

5. Juneau, Alaska

Mean Rainfall: 62.53 inches


Set on the Gulf of Alaska, Juneau’s rainfall depends largely on the year. The precipitation can vary between 50 and 90 inches.

Sun After a Stormy Rain Shower in Palm Beach, Florida
Crystal Bolin Photography/istockphoto

4. West Palm Beach, Florida

Mean Rainfall: 62.68 inches


For clear skies, head to West Palm Beach in March. But if you love rainy days — or afternoon thunderstorms — you’ll love May to October.


Street Car in a rainy day, New Orleans

3. New Orleans

Mean Rainfall: 63 inches


With only 56 rainy days per year, New Orleans knocks out its mean 63 inches in deluges.


Mobile Alabama Skyline

2. Mobile, Alabama

Mean Rainfall: 66.77 inches


With a record four cities in the top 20 rainiest places, Alabama is drenched. Mobile is the state’s rainiest city. Its 59 days of rain a year mean the Gulf Coast city tallies its precipitation through thunderstorms.


Hilo, Hawaii

1. Hilo, Hawaii

Mean Rainfall: 127.41 inches


Hawaii may be a tropical paradise, but all that lush greenery needs moisture. It rains in Hilo 275 days a year with a drizzle often falling at night.