Dogs That Don’t Bark (Much)

fun and beautiful cavalier king charles spaniel dog running


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fun and beautiful cavalier king charles spaniel dog running

Quiet, Dog!

Barking is as natural to dogs as speaking is to humans. However, canine talkativeness can also be as varied as it is for people — some humans never seem to stop chatting, and the same can be said for some pups. “When we talk about quiet dog breeds, there are some important distinctions to make — it’s pretty rare for any particular breed (or dog, for that matter) to never vocalize in any form at all,” says Catherine Gilmartin, a certified dog trainer in Connecticut. “If you’re discussing breeds that don’t bark much, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re silent. Sometimes they simply vocalize in other ways than a traditional sounding bark.” With that in mind, these quieter breeds may make good pets for apartments or similar situations.  

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Basenji Kongo Terrier Dog. The Basenji Is A Breed Of Hunting Dog. It Was Bred From Stock That Originated In Central Africa


Basenjis are literally called the “barkless dog”, so if you are trying to find the absolute quietest breed to own, look no further. “The shape of their larynx doesn’t allow for sufficient vibration needed to bark,” says Gilmartin. However, the breed compensates by making a “yodeling” noise, which can certainly get its point across.

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portrait chow-chow

Chow Chow

This fluffy pup is one of the quietest dogs, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

The breed is particularly protective of their owners and their home and not fond of strangers, but they are unlikely to use their voice to scare people away. 

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Little pug in summer park


The cute and comical Pug is known to barely bark. “Pugs are not exactly a breed that’s known for their hypervigilance and loud nature. They tend to be couch potatoes that just want to sit on your lap all day, and aren’t big barkers by any means,” says Gilmartin.

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A bernese mountain dog on the grass

Bernese Mountain Dog

These gentle giants aren’t totally silent, but they aren’t particularly loud, landing them somewhere in the middle of barking levels, according to the AKC. All in all, the Bernese is considered to be an easy-going breed that is family-friendly.

White Russian Dog, Borzoi, Hunting dog in Summer Sunset Sunrise


Love cats but want a dog? The Borzoi are considered to be quiet and feline-like in their behavior. “Borzoi are also sighthounds, and are therefore not prone to a lot of barking or noise in general,” says Gilmartin.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These sweet lapdogs fall somewhere in the low to mid range of noisiness, but one thing is for sure — they love to spend their time cuddling with their owners. They generally love most people, so don’t expect this breed to act as a dog that will loudly alert you to strangers.

French bulldog puppy in the forest

French Bulldog

Frenchies, as they’re called, typically only bark to alert. This small dog is considered to be a great apartment dog, due to its easy going nature and friendly disposition, as well as its manageable energy level.

Purebreed Englsh Bulldog lying on grass

English Bulldog

This breed is known to be calm and friendly, and are definitely not what you could call loud or boisterous, as their bowling ball body shape probably implies. “Perhaps because of their general nature and physical build, I’ve found they don’t tend to bark much at all. When they do, it’s usually a single bark and doesn’t sound like your average bark,” says Gilmartin.

Newfoundland dog breed in an outdoor. Spring walk with a dog. Big dog.


Similar in size and personality to the Bernese Mountain Dog, Newfies, as they’re called, are described as one to bark only when they are alerting you to something. In general, the breed is sweet and loves children, making it a good family pet.

Deerhound stands at a beach

Scottish Deerhound

Despite its massive size, these dogs are surprisingly quiet, with the AKC suggesting Scottish Deerhounds tend to bark only when they need to alert their owners. Deerhounds typically love their family and are good with other dogs. And though large, they don’t usually have outrageous energy levels.