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Raise your hand if you've ever strolled through Costco and thought, "This is nice. Could be a couple of football fields bigger in size, though." Anyone? No? Yeah, we can't say we're surprised. Still, Costco seems to think its next move has to be a giant one because there's a proposed store potentially coming to Fresno, California that's so humongous it will be the biggest Costco in the world if it comes to fruition. That said, residents aren't entirely enthralled with the idea.

How Big Would the Fresno Costco Be?

The proposed new store would replace one just three miles away, but the existing store is a measly 134,000 square feet, and its replacement would be a whopping 241,000 square feet — that's about 5.5 acres. The store's new bigfoot-sized footprint would include expansive designated space for loading, receiving, and storage areas, plus it would make way for 32 gas pumps and an automated car wash. Despite the obvious draw of no longer having to endure long wait times for a pump to open up, residents aren't entirely convinced.

What Do Fresno Residents Think of the Proposed Costco?

The idea of the store doesn't seem to be the resounding concern of nearby Fresno residents. Instead, it's the location that poses a problem. A local news outlet interviewed a resident who sounded exasperated over the thought of the enormous Costco. "There's too much congestion over there," she said. "They haven't figured out the flow of traffic yet." ABC News interviewed another Fresno resident who said, "Costco member through and through, absolutely love it. The location, I'm not exactly thrilled about." She went on to express her concern over children walking in the area, since there are multiple schools nearby.

There's also the environmental impact of a store this size. Twitter user @TacticoolDennis shared a photoshopped picture of what the new store could look like from the outside, complete with surrounding pollution. While that picture is clearly an exaggeration, Fresno is actually one of the worst cities in the U.S. for air pollution according to the American Lung Association's 2023 State of the Air report. Just a hunch, but we're assuming that the traffic the proposed store would generate along with the carbon dioxide emissions from the building might not help the city's status with air pollution.

Allow us to also ask another blaring question: What's to become of the current Costco store in Fresno? We can't help but wonder what Costco corporate is planning to do with the OG store if the project passes the environmental review process and survives the public comment period. 

Where is the Biggest Costco in the World?

Currently, the biggest Costco in the world is in Salt Lake City. The store spans 235,000 square feet, so if the proposed Fresno wholesale club is approved, it will usurp the Utah location. 

How Can I Submit a Public Comment of Concern?

If you want to express your opinion on the Fresno Costco, you can send an email to the city's supervising planner, Jose Valenzuela at or send your concerns via mail to 2600 Fresno St., Room 3043, Fresno, CA 93721. Comments must be submitted before August 25th.

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