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Shopping online is no guarantee that you're always going to get a cheaper price than you would at a bricks-and-mortar store. Depending on what you're buying, you still may pay less at a local retailer or a warehouse club, such as Costco or Sam's Club. But convenience is a selling point too. If delivery is free, then offline price advantages can evaporate. Here are 17 items that are cheaper online or discernibly more convenient to have shipped to your door -- or both.

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Amazon started as an online bookseller, and books were the first product that was really popular to buy online. Naturally Amazon is the first place consumers are likely turn for online book bargains. The hardcover version of the best-selling "Astrophysics for People in a Hurry" by Neil deGrasse Tyson, for example, is currently $11.37 on Amazon, compared with a list price of $18.95.

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Cereal is something that many people, especially those with kids, buy often and in large, bulky boxes. The long shelf life makes online shopping an option. A 28-ounce box of Post Honey Bunches of Oats sells on Walmart.com for $4.48 -- which is the same price you'll find at a number of other retailers, making this a product to buy online for convenience, rather than any big savings. Like many other retailers, Walmart requires that shoppers spend a minimum amount (in this case, $35) to get free shipping.

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You are unlikely to find a better deal on printer ink at a bricks-and-mortar store than online. There's lots of choice here, including the online storefronts of Office Depot and Staples along with dedicated printer-ink websites, which sell brand-name ink but also cheaper remanufactured cartridges (recycled brand-name cartridges) and compatible cartridges (made by third parties). There is some risk to buying the off-brand cartridges -- the quality may be lower, and Hewlett-Packard blocked some printers from accepting them, although it later reversed its decision.

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Whether it's an extra cable for charging your smartphone or connecting your printer to your computer, or just a little bit of extra storage, it's typically a better deal online. Amazon has developed a massive online electronics section over the years and offers deals such as a 32GB Samsung flash drive, which it sells for $13, almost half off the $25 list price. Amazon also recently dropped the minimum total for free shipping to $25.

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Students can save significant money and choose from a much larger inventory, including cheaper options such as used books, if they buy textbooks online. Amazon has a section devoted to textbooks but doesn't have the market cornered. Cheapism.com's top picks among textbook websites are TextbookRush, BookRenter, eCampus, and Chegg.

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This is one type of clothes shopping that doesn't benefit from fitting rooms. And babies have limited patience for trips to the store, so there's a big convenience factor in buying online. Baby clothes also aren't expensive enough to worry too much about a package of them being left outside the door. Click on the clearance sections of retailers such as Baby Mall Online to find deals such as $1 for an organic-cotton onesie (regularly priced at $5 and up).

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Buying diapers is one of those thankless tasks of parenting. Your baby isn't old enough to appreciate it, and you really don't want to run out of diapers. The good news is that consumers can buy them on a subscription basis -- often at a discount -- to guarantee a steady supply. For example, Amazon Prime members can save 20 percent when they buy Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Economy Plus Pack (size 1, 216 count) with a subscription.

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The experience of buying your favorite dishwashing detergent, window cleaning fluid, or floor cleaner in person doesn't really add a whole lot of value. Online, you can buy large refill sizes without having to heave them in and out of a cart and car. Windex glass and surface cleaner from Walmart.com costs less than $12 for a gallon jug, or about 9 cents an ounce, and ships for free with a $35 minimum order, compared with $10.25 for a spray bottle, or 32 cents an ounce.

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There are a couple of important things to know about buying contacts online. The first is that you can order from a number of big online retailers (such as Walmart Contacts) at competitive prices. The second is that a valid, current annual prescription is required to make an order. Before reflexively buying contact lenses through an eye doctor, look online for savings.

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Shopping for pots, pans, strainers, measuring cups, and other cooking implements online offers a far broader range of choice than even a major kitchen-supply store, and likely also a better deal. Amazon, for example, is selling a 15-piece Farberware cookware set with a claimed list price of $60 for prices starting at less than $43, depending on color, an amount that qualifies for free shipping.

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A lot of exercise equipment is too big and heavy to have delivered to your door, and you'll likely want to try something like an elliptical machine in person before buying. But fitness accessories that might be heavy or cumbersome to bring home from a store often nonetheless ship for free with a minimum order online. For example, Amazon sells a highly rated 20-pound dumbbell set under its AmazonBasics brand for $25.

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Online is the way to buy makeup if you have a set of products you always use and don't care to experiment with new shades or looks. You may also want to buy directly from the manufacturer to save by "cutting out the middleman." Makeup health advocate and author Paula Begoun, for example, established her own brand and online store, Paula's Choice, and sells directly to the public.

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For people who typically choose the same style of pants, shirt, and other basics and don't need to try them on, online shopping is a godsend. You save all the time you would have spent in stores, and probably some money, too. Old Navy, for example, is selling regular men's jeans online at $10 to $13 off their usual price. A discount like that is likely to empty store shelves of popular sizes and washes.

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Pet food purchases don't usually vary a lot, and you can buy online in whatever quantity is the best value -- without having to haul heavy bags yourself. If you buy a mainstream brand, head online to Target, Walmart, and other large retailers. For something more specialized, try a pet store. PetSmart.com is currently selling 13-pound bags of Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dog Food for $34 (down from the regular $38 price) and offers free shipping on orders in excess of $49.

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Socks always seem like an incidental purchase. You're buying shoes, so you may as well get some more socks. Or you're stocking up on underwear, so you fill up the sock drawer, as well. Online shopping affords an opportunity to give socks some more attention and have fun with them. Instead of making do with the basic choices from big retailers, why not try a sock specialist with panache, such as The Sock Drawer? Unlike clothing sizes, sock sizes aren't precise, so there's little concern about fit.

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The biggest advantage here is choice and convenience. If you are a regular consumer of vitamins, it may be quicker and easier to stock up online. If you take less-common supplements, you'll have a broader range of choices. In some cases, you can go directly to the website of the vitamin or supplement maker. GNC, for example, offers an extensive range of vitamins under its own brand.

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If you don't enjoy shoe shopping, or you want a lot of selection, head to an online shoe-shopping site such as Zappos. It pioneered the idea of free shipping and free returns, so you can return any shoes that don't fit, don't suit you, or just don't look as good on your feet as they did on the website. Zappos also has a free rewards program that offers expedited two-day shipping at no cost.

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