Letter For Santa


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The U.S. Postal Service has launched its Operation Santa program, aimed at providing kids in need with Christmas gifts through online wishlists.

If you're interested in playing Santa this year, you can browse through kids' letters to Santa and pick a list (or a couple) to adopt. Then, purchase the presents, package them up, and head to a participating post office to send them off — we know, we're a little disappointed a fleet of reindeer pulling a sleigh isn't involved, too. 

Each year, the Postal Service fields thousands of letters sent to Santa Claus and the North Pole, and the post office has said its goal is "to answer these letters." Operation Santa has a long history that started in 1912 and went public for the first time during the 1940s, though the program didn't become available nationwide until 2020. The letters posted online by the Postal Service include requests for everything from Lego sets and Nintendo Switches to winter coats.

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If you're interested in participating in the program, visit the Postal Service's Operation Santa website for more information.

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