Things Poor People Have More Of Than The Rich

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Money Isn't Everything, But It Sure Helps Sometimes.

This is one of those seemingly divided AskReddit threads where you might find yourself surprised by some of the answers. On the one hand, in an era of existence where the cost of living continues its steady climb thanks to inflation, money certainly helps, but money can just as easily leave someone disillusioned and detached from reality. 

There can be deeply redeeming things that come from periods of time where you financially struggled but continued to crack onwards, such as resilience and empathy. 


Never A Fun Call To Have.

The only thing worse about getting a call from a creditor who is likely hounding you for a missed payment (or a dozen) is that they will continue to call you from an array of different numbers, and the amount in question could be something like $100, which you'd think would be trivial to them. 

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Oh, Sweet Nothing.

Yes, sometimes it's a matter as simple as literally having nothing. Nothing at all. 


More Empathy And Compassion For This World, Please.

Empathy and compassion are those elements that can feed into the human psyche that actually can manage to uplift other folks. The world could definitely use more of that good stuff. 


Money In No Way Guarantees Better-Tasting Food.

Just because one's wallet might have some more monetary protein packed into it doesn't mean that that same person will know more about cooking high-quality food. Sometimes, when you're forced to confront a barren pantry and/or fridge, the creativity that ensues can inspire hunger-fueled brilliance of its own


It Really Is About The Small Things.

It would seem logical enough that the more money you make the more prone you might be at one point down the gold brick-plated road to not fully appreciate the small and easily overlooked, yet entirely magical moments in your life. 

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There's A Painful Amount Of Truth In How Money Doesn't Guarantee A Sense Of Community.

There have been numerous movies with plots fully rooted in expressing the value of sharing the happier moments in one's life with those closest to them. Money isn't the most conversational friend. 


Coupons Are The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

Even if you do find yourself amongst the wealthier human beings of this planet, with the cost of living continuing its upswing, why not bank on some coupons to save a buck every now and again?


This One Is Sure To Stir The Pot.

This seems like one of those charged opinions that is just bound to make waves. 


Ultimate Act Of Positive Framing.

Now if I hadn't seen a better example of positive framing, I'm not sure.