10 Places You Should Never Use Your Phone



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No-Phone Zones

As our phones have become an extension of ourselves, it's increasingly difficult to maintain proper phone etiquette. With a multitude of apps at our fingertips and the ability to constantly stay connected through email and text messages, the need to remain accessible at all hours of the day has never been more pervasive. 

However, there are certain places that you should absolutely not be caught using your phone. From movie theaters to the spa, here are 10 spots where you should keep your phone hidden away. 

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1. Movie Theaters

We had to kick off this list with the movie theater. Not only is every movie theater going to remind you before the movie begins that it's not okay to use your phone, but it's also just common sense. The bright screen and/or disruptive texts and calls will, without fail, make it hard for other people to enjoy the movie. Just ... be a considerate person, you know? 

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2. Museums

When it comes to a place that you definitely shouldn't be using your phone, the museum is up at the top as well. A big part of this is that museums are brimming with priceless pieces of art; taking a picture of one can be a literal criminal act. You don't want to find yourself being escorted out of a museum because you couldn't resist adding a picture of a Van Gogh painting to your Instagram story. 

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4. Spas

The spa is a special place, one where folks spend hard-earned funds to enjoy a welcomed reprieve from everyday hustle and bustle. The last thing you want to do is diminish someone's spa experience with your phone making all kinds of disruptive noises. 

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5. Cemeteries

Any cemetery is a sacred place. We're talking about a plot of land that people specifically visit to grieve the lives of their loved ones. Can a cemetery be hauntingly beautiful? Sure. That's still no excuse to make a social media update out of the experience. 

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7. Bedrooms

The blue light from your phone is nothing to joke about. That seemingly innocent light can instantaneously restrain the natural production of melatonin, which is a hormone responsible for helping you maintain a healthy sleep cycle. So, configure your bedtime routine such that you're not using your phone before you start counting sheep. 

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8. Checkout Lines

The checkout line in a grocery store can lead to anxiety-riddled and rushed moments. Do what you can to help ease other people's checkout line nerves by refraining from using your phone until you've successfully purchased your items. 

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9. Meal Times

The times that you're able to gather around the table with your friends and loved ones is precious. Resisting the urge to use your phone when you're enjoying a meal with company can go a long way. You'll be more mindfully engaged in conversation, and actually might also find yourself savoring the meal that much more. 

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10. Public Transportation

The people that are somehow ignorant to just how madly irritating phone use can be on public transportation are on a different level of inconsiderate. Just don't do it. If your bluetooth headphones are out of battery juice, that's too bad — it's no excuse to share your playlist with the rest of the passengers.