Pepsi with Milk and cookies

Pepsi Pushes 'Pilk:' A Pepsi Cola and Milk 'Dirty Soda'

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Milk and cookies is so last Christmas — well, it is if you ask Pepsi, anyway. The soda company just launched its Pilk (Pepsi with milk) and Cookies campaign, asking Pepsi drinkers to try the festive "dirty soda" and share photos of the concoction on Twitter with the hashtags #PilkandCookies and #Sweepstakes for a chance to win some holiday cash. 

The combination of Pepsi and milk is a longtime "secret hack among Pepsi fans," according to Pepsi's chief marketing officer, Todd Kaplan. Of course, fans of the sitcom "Laverne and Shirley" might remember Penny Marshall's character, Laverne, enjoying Pepsi mixed with milk on the show. 

But the combination gained new life in the social media era after going viral on TikTok as dirty soda (drinks that combine sodas with creams and syrups). To promote the concoction, Pepsi brought in Lindsay Lohan to be the face of the campaign, in line with her recently released Netflix movie "Falling for Christmas" — quite the leap from Marshall. 

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For the particularly enthusiastic dirty soda drinkers, Pepsi is also recommending other recipes to try, including the Snow Fl(oat) made up of Pepsi Zero Sugar, oat milk, and caramel creamer, and Naughty & Ice, which is Pepsi with milk, heavy cream, and vanilla ice cream (that one we might be able to get behind). 

The contest runs until Dec. 25.

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