Purchases That Satisfied Adults' Childhood Dreams


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Oh, To Be Young Again.

To be a kid was to dream the sweet dream about all the toys and video games and other nonsense you could sink your ever-busy mind into. Sometimes, these dreams were never realized, and it honestly was probably for the best. 

Eventually, though, you grow up and find yourself with the financial means to make a slight divot into that bank account to actually buy what you'd always wanted. 

The folks in this AskReddit-inspired piece describe the various purchases they were able to make as adults to finally satisfy their childhood dreams. You might just connect with a few. 


Yes, Let Them All Eat Cake.

Ice cream cakes aren't for everyone, but it seems like the people that do in fact like their ice cream cakes, are not playing any games about it. At all. 


Sucks When They're Right.

I mean, hey, that whole metal detector purchase could've in a perfect world paid off. But, alas, in this case, Dad just had to be right. It's the worst. 


Good For Them.

Okay, so maybe definitely not the most economically sound strategy if you're  on a tight budget, but still, that must feel good on a multitude of levels. Being able to satisfy the inner child but also being able to buy all those groceries in these financially inflated times. 


A Nice Feeling To Have For Sure.

Everyone loves some clothes that fit. It's a bummer that they had to wait so long. 


Game On.

Video games and being a kid can be a tough predicament. There are many parents out there that are quick to impose various restrictions on the duration and frequency of those gaming sessions for their kids. And for good reason. It's near impossible to not get lost in those masterpieces that are the video games that are coming out nowadays. 


They Walked Right Into The Dream Life On This One.

You just can't put enough emphasis on the value of having a reliably well-built pair of shoes. 

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Oh, That's Fun.

Giant-sized plushies are actually dangerously adorable though. 


Sugar, Sugar, Sugar.

It seems like a lot of childhood dreams revolved around being able to eat as much sugar as one wants upon hitting the whole adulthood thing. 

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They Shouldn't Have Had To Wait That Long.

AC can certainly be a luxury, and we're just glad to hear that this person finally got to experience all the AC that they should've been able to all along.