Maybe Happiness Can Be Bought: Actual Life-Enhancing Purchases


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The Old Saying Might In Fact Not Be Totally True.

You've likely heard someone say that "money can't buy happiness." And while the wizened sentiment certainly holds its weight in certain situations, and happiness as a passing emotion does possess its own mystical quality, there are certain purchases that stand a greater chance than others for delivering you some momentary joy. 

At least that's what people in this AskReddit thread are contending. You be the judge. 


Choice Is Key.

The sentiment about how we're not supposed to live under the amount of stress that so many of us do on a daily basis is on point. 


Ah, The Old 'Forgetting To Leave.'

Travel is one of those luxuries in life that can all at once take us but for a while outside of our ever preoccupied minds, and almost let us live a new life of adventure for a while. 


It's The Simple Things.

It's terribly easy to take for granted how much of a gift it is to be able to turn in for the night in a warm home with a roof over your head. 


Rice Cookers For The Win.

It takes nothing short of mindful mastery to properly cook rice without a rice cooker, so naturally this made the list. 

Don't have a rice cooker? You can also use an Instant Pot to cook rice.


Never Underestimate The Catharsis Of Music.

While the learning curve can be testing at times, the rewards that meet one along the way as they go about learning how to play the piano are many in number. 


Apparently, Lasik Is A Game-Changer.

While not for everyone, it does sound like Lasik can be a profound life-enhancer. 

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We Do Spend A Lot Of Time In Beds.

With the right financial resources, investing in a nice bed is just one of those purchases that pays for itself in the long run. 


Time, The Ever Priceless Commodity.

This is definitely a solid point. Certain services can literally buy you back time, and at this point, time is yet one of those things we simply can't buy back. 


Plus, Gaming PCs Are True Works Of Art Nowadays.

Seriously though, when you take a look at some of the gaming PCs being made available nowadays it's astounding how rapidly they've evolved. 


Seriously, The Emergency Fund Is A Mood Booster.

Simply having a nest egg or emergency fund is enough to bring you that ever sought after peace of mind. Knowing that if things were to go south with the job or some other facet of your life, that you'd be able to dip into a pool of sufficient resources to cover yourself can literally put a smile on your face.