Papa Johns Crispy Parm Pizza

Papa Johns

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Papa Johns has a terrible reputation. Not only do many consumers remember the racist rants that founder and spokesman John Schnatter engaged in before resigning as CEO, but lots of them think Papa Johns pizza just plain sucks. 

Like many other fast-food and pizza chains, Papa Johns uses limited-time menu items to convince customers that they should give it another try, despite any terrible experiences. That usually means the second (or seventeenth) coming of stuffed crust pizza, but this time the chain has released something completely new: crispy parm pizza.

It's got parmesan cheese under the crust, which, in theory, should result in a crunchy, caramelized cheese bottom, similar to the delicious edges of a Detroit-style pizza. But a Papa Johns assembly line isn't exactly known for precision, so it's easy to imagine that the result is indistinguishable from its regular, limp pizzas at best and greasy and burnt at worst.

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Plus, the crispy parm pizza comes on a thin crust. Does anyone order thin crust from Papa Johns? It seems that the only redeeming quality of its pizza is that you dip the thick doughy edges of the regular crust into the garlic sauce. Denying yourself that one true pleasure, if you must order Papa Johns, is a travesty. 

If you want to try the latest pizza gimmick for yourself — "Go ahead, flip it over and look for yourself!" — it's available starting Feb. 2, or now if you're also a Papa Johns loyalty club member. It'll set you back $13 for a one-topping, which is only a buck cheaper than an "epic" stuffed crust or three-topping large pizza, so choose wisely. 

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