Outdoor Pools in 50 States

Spectacular Outdoor Public Pools in All 50 States

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Outdoor Pools in 50 States

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Warm days are here, and what better way to beat the heat than with a dip in a cool, refreshing swimming pool? No pool of your own? Luckily, you can easily and affordably join a local community pool. Go ahead — get soaked this summer at one of these 50 outdoor municipal pools, one in each state.
Pearce Pool in Jackson, Alabama
Courtesy of tripadvisor.com

alabama | pearce pool

City: Jackson
Dubbed the Jewel of Alabama. the Pearce Pool, is 438 feet long and 108 feet wide, one of the largest in-ground pools in the country. Surrounded by woodland, the pool is constructed to look more like a lake than a pool. Water depths range from six inches to 15 feet, making it suitable for the very young to the most advanced swimmer. Day rates are $10 to $15 per person, but family and individual season passes make visits more affordable.

Diamond Aquatics Center in Anchorage, Alaska

alaska | diamond aquatics center

City: Anchorage
While the last outdoor pool in Alaska closed in 2015, there's an alternative at the Diamond Aquatics Center in Juneau. One corner is composed of a glass partition that allows in natural light. In addition to a twisty tube slide, there are always at least two designated lap lanes, a 20-seat hot tub, and a sauna. Admission is $2 for children, $6 for youths, and $8 for adults.

Skyline Aquatic Center in Mesa, Arizona

arizona | skyline aquatic center

City: Mesa
The Skyline Aquatic Center offers swim lessons for all levels, and has five diving boards, 28 Olympic-size competition swim lanes and a fast-looping waterslide. Adult lap swim entry is $4 and $2 for youths (17 and younger).

Wilson Park Pool in Fayetteville, Arkansas
Courtesy of fayetteville-ar.gov

arkansas | wilson park pool

City: Fayetteville
Wilson Park Pool is tucked into one of Fayetteville's most popular parks. Public swim instruction and fitness opportunities abound. Adult entry is $4 and youth (15 and younger) is $3.

The Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica, California

california | the annenberg community beach house

City: Santa Monica
Situated on the former historic Marion Davies Estate, the Annenberg Community Beach House is a stunning public pool featuring a marble deck, renovated pool house, splash pad, adjacent playground, and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. There are no membership fees, and a single entry fee is $1.50 for residents, $3 non-residents.

Eldorado Springs in Eldorado Springs, Colorado

colorado | eldorado springs

City: Eldorado Springs
The historic Eldorado Springs rests at the base of Eldorado Canyon State Park. Ensconced between majestic mountains and fed by Eldorado's artisan spring, this pool is maintained at a comfy 80 degrees. Adults are $12, children (12 and under) $8.

Wallingford Community Pool in Wallingford, Connecticut
Danielle H./yelp.com

connecticut | wallingford community pool

City: Wallingford
In Connecticut, most public pools are actually community pools. This means any resident can enter, but must fill out a form and purchase a pass. This year, Wallingford Pool opened the pool to non-residents. For residents 12 and under, it's $10 and adults $20 for the entire season. Non-residents can plunk down $25 for a two-week pass or pay $50 for entire season. Swimming lessons and designated lap lanes are also available.

Bear-Glasgow Family YMCA in Newark, Delaware

delaware | bear-glasgow family ymca

City: Newark
The Bear-Glasgow Family YMCA membership provides access to two 25-meter long lap pools. An activity pool provides the perfect area for families with water slides, fountains, and a fire hydrant spray feature. Monthly rate for two adults and children $100, but the referral program offers a $20 discount.

Wellington Aquatics Complex in Wellingford, Florida
Courtesy of wellingtonfl.gov

florida | wellington aquatics complex

City: Wellingford
Beat the heat this summer at the Wellington Aquatics Complex. This state-of-the-art Olympic facility features electronic touch pads connected to scoreboards to give swimmers a competitive edge. There are swim classes, lifeguard classes, and also slides and a sprayground for children. Adults $5 and children (3 to 17) $3. Kids 2 and under are free.

Piedmont Park Pool in Atlanta, Georgia
Piedmont Park Aquatic Center/yelp.com

georgia | piedmont park pool

City: Atlanta
Piedmont Park Pool with its serene view of the nearby lake is a perfect spot for a swim. Adult swim caps off the fifteen minutes at the top of every hour, and there are lap lanes, an activity area for children, a "lazy river" feature, and a nearby splash pad. A day's admission is $5.

Kona Community Aquatic Center in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Courtesy of tripadvisor.com

hawaii | kona community aquatic center

City: Kailua-Kona
The best thing about this pool is that admission is free. The Kona Community Aquatic Center has a variety of attractions such as water aerobics, 50-meter laps, and a separate kiddie pool with a splash fountain for children. A shade covers the metallic bleachers making it the perfect spot to catch the island breeze.

Natatorium Pool and Hydrotube in Boise, Idaho
Courtesy of tripadvisor.com

idaho | natatorium pool and hydrotube

City: Boise
The public Natatorium Pool is special in that it features a fast and fun water chute that empties into a separate pool. Two diving boards flank the deep end, and plenty of spectator lounge chairs abound. Admission is generally $3.75 for adults and $2.50 for children (12 to 18 years old), but check for special rates and times for $1 less. Admission to the hydrotube is separate; 10 rides cost $4.

Westchester Swimming Pool in Westchester, Illinois
Courtesy of wpdparks.org

illinois | westchester swimming pool

City: Westchester
The 25-meter Westchester Swimming Pool includes a diving board, zero-depth entry, an interactive water play structure, and a water slide. Residents ages 2 and up pay $7.50 per person, but purchasing season passes cuts the cost.

Franklin Family Aquatic Center in Franklin, Indiana

indiana | franklin family aquatic center

City: Franklin
A twisty, curvy 190-foot water slide is the main attraction of the Franklin Family Aquatic Center. This public pool also has a zero-depth kiddie pool with interactive features, including water basketball. They also host free, family-friendly "dive-in" movies throughout the summer.

Altoona Aquatics Park in Altoona, Iowa

iowa | altoona aquatics park

City: Altoona
With a leisure pool, a lap pool, and a plunge pool with two winding flume slides, Altoona Aquatics Park is one of Iowa's top summer destinations. In years past the Center teamed with the Iowa Department of Public Health to participate in the World's Largest Swim Lesson to teach kids about pool safety. Daily ($6) and season ($90) passes are available.

The Big Pool in Garden City, Kansas

kansas | the big pool

City: Garden City
Bigger than a football field and large enough for water skiing, The Big Pool was originally hand-dug in 1922. It's so huge that lifeguard stands were built into the middle of the pool. It's got a kiddie section, a water slide, a lap area, and shade umbrellas. The price is $1 per person, or $2 to use the slides.

Berea Swimming Pool in Berea, Kentucky
Courtesy of bereaonline.com

kentucky | berea swimming pool

City: Berea
Get your splash on this summer at Berea Swimming Pool. Kentucky's favorite pool boasts a 10-foot water slide, a 30-foot curly water slide, competition and recreational diving boards, eight lap lanes, fountains and "dive-in movies" with free swimming after 7:30 p.m. on movie nights. Day rates are $4 for adults (18 and older) and $3 for children (17 and under).

Leesville Leisure Pool in Leesville, Louisiana

louisiana | leesville leisure pool

City: Leesville
Fun features at Leesville Leisure Pool include a large water slide and three spray features. Daily rates are $4 per person and children 2 and under are free. Punch cards and season passes are available for purchase.

Alfond Municipal Pool Complex in Waterville, Maine

maine | alfond municipal pool complex

City: Waterville
With its family swim area, spray pool, water slides, and frog slide for the wee ones, there is fun for all ages at the Alfond Municipal Pool Complex. The town's 68-year-old pool was recently replaced with the modern, new facility. Resident prices are $4 for children (17 and under) and $5 for adults.

Conowingo Swimming Pool in Darlington, Maryland

maryland | conowingo swimming pool

City: Darlington
The Conowingo Swimming Pool has a view overlooking the Susquehanna River. In addition to swim instruction and meets, summer activities include an afternoon DJ with classic jams, tie-dying shirts, and craft beading of necklaces and bracelets. Admission is $6 per person. Ages 3 and under are free.

Underwood Pool in Belmont, Massachusetts

massachusetts | underwood pool

City: Belmont
The first public pool in the nation received a renovation in 2015, adding a deeper pool and diving board. The Underwood Pool has two separate pools, one with a water slide and the other with designated lap lanes and a diving board. Day rates are $5 and $10. Multipack passes save money, but all discounts must be purchased in person at the office.

Trenton Kennedy Aquatic Center in Trenton, Michigan
Courtesy of trentonmi.org

michigan | trenton kennedy aquatic center

City: Trenton
A 13,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility, the Trenton Kennedy Aquatic Center, is the place to cool off in the summer. Four distinct areas, connected by a water walkway, keep visitors swimming. The areas include a 25-meter 8-lane competitive pool with two diving boards, a 15-meter lap pool, a water slide with separate splash area, and a 7,000 square-foot leisure pool. Entry is $5 per person and children 4 and under are free.

The Como Regional Park Pool in Saint Paul, Minnesota

minnesota | the como regional park pool

City: Saint Paul
The Como Regional Park Pool is like a water park with public pool prices. In addition to swimming lessons and water aerobics classes, amenities include a 400-foot lazy river, a zip line, an aquatic climbing wall, basketball hoops, and a six-lane lap pool. Infants are free. A family of five can visit for $24. Day rates are $6 per person under 48 inches and $7 for persons over 48 inches.

Vicksburg City Pool in Vicksburg, Mississippi
Courtesy of vicksburg.org

mississippi | vicksburg city pool

City: Vicksburg
Constructed in 1996, the Vicksburg City Pool is an Olympic-size recreational and competitive facility catering to water sports lovers. There's a baby pool for younger swimmers, and summer passes are available for $60 (for residents and visitors). Day rates are $2 for 12 and under and $4 for adults.

Maplewood Family Aquatic Center in Maplewood, Missouri

missouri | maplewood family aquatic center

City: Maplewood
This amazing complex has a separate 50-meter competition lap pool and a zero-depth entry wading pool with two water slides and a lazy river feature. The Maplewood Family Aquatic Center provides residents with a fun way to cool off during the summer.

Electric City Water Park in Great Falls, Montana
Courtesy of greatfallsmt.net

montana | electric city water park

City: Great Falls
Take a dip in the 50-meter Electric City Water Park, the largest heated pool in the state, or bring the children to the Little Squirt Soak Zone. Entry to the pool is $5 for adults and $3 for youths (ages 17 and under). Experience the entire water park with its rip tide slide and power tower plunge or just chill in the lazy river for an additional $7.

Papio Bay Aquatic Center in Papillion, Nebraska

nebraska | papio bay aquatic center

City: Papillion
The new five-acre Papio Bay Aquatic Center has amenities like heated water throughout the park, a children's butterfly slide, two water slides, diving boards, wading pools and designated lap lanes. Admission is $5.50 per person ($2 after 6 p.m.). Punch Cards can be purchased offering 10 visits for one low price per age group.

Henderson Multigenerational Outdoor Competition Pool in Henderson, Nevada
Jean B./yelp.com

nevada | henderson multigenerational outdoor competition pool

City: Henderson
For a town smack in the middle of the desert, Henderson Pool offers a multitude of aquatic activities. Learn aquatic skills, stroke development, water safety, and how to incorporate swimming into a life fitness plan. The pool is a minimum depth of 7 feet and accommodates water polo and synchronized swimming. There's even a diving tank for competitive diving. Day rates are $2 for youths and seniors and $3 for adults.

Peirce Island Outdoor Pool in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Courtesy of livingnewdeal.org

new hampshire | peirce island outdoor pool

City: Portsmouth
Peirce Island Pool provides a view across the Piscataqua River to the neighboring state of Maine. This oblong pool is 300 feet long and 100 feet wide, and its depth gently slopes from 14 inches to six feet. Swim lessons range from basic to advanced, and entry is $2 per adult. Children 17 and under are free.

Fort Monmouth Recreation Area in Tinton Falls, New Jersey

new jersey | fort monmouth recreation area

City: Tinton Falls
Most municipal pools in New Jersey require a membership application with pricey fees, but the Fort Monmouth Recreational Pool offers reasonable day rates of $7 per adult or $20 for a family of four. Day, monthly, and season passes are available.

Los Padillas Aquatic Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Courtesy of abqtodo.com

new mexico | los padillas aquatic center

City: Albuquerque
The Los Padillas Aquatic Center was built in 2005. It features a zero-depth entry and spray-play features for children. A large water slide will satisfy older kids and adults as well. There's also a 25-meter lap pool for competitive swimmers. Prices range from $2 to $4.25.

John Jay Pool in Manhattan, New York
Courtesy of nycgovparks.org

new york | john jay pool

City: Manhattan
Situated on the East River, the John Jay Pool in New York's Upper East Side has senior splash, water aerobics, and free swim lessons through a lottery. The outdoor pools in New York and the five boroughs include dispensers with free broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen.

Cordelia Pool in Charlotte, North Carolina
Emma B./yelp.com

north carolina | cordelia pool

City: Charlotte
There are free summer swim leagues and lessons at the Cordelia Pool along with a variety of aquatic opportunities. Best of all, admission is only $1.

Island Park Pool in Fargo, North Dakota
Courtesy of tripadvisor.com

north dakota | island park pool

City: Fargo
This large community pool has three pools, eight 50-meter lanes, and a separate diving well with two three-meter and two one-meter boards. Island Park Pool has day rates of $2.25 for 18 and under and $3.50 for adults. Season passes are also available at $59 for youths, $75 for adults.

Grizzly Outdoor Pool in Wadsworth, Ohio

ohio | grizzly outdoor pool

City: Wadsworth
The Grizzly Outdoor Pool is the collaboration between the City of Wadsworth and the YMCA. Amenities include a plunge tube, diving board, a kiddie pool with zero depth entry, and plenty of lounge chairs. Season passes are available as well as daily rates: $8 for adults and $6 for children (17 and under).

Earlywine Park Aquatic Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Courtesy of okc.gov

oklahoma | earlywine park aquatic center

City: Oklahoma City
Several twisty funnel slides and many aquatic activities make Earlywine Park Aquatic Center the place to cool off during the summer months. Water aerobics are offered free of charge, and a large splash pad keeps toddlers busy. Chairs fill up fast, so it's advisable to get there early.

Wilson Outdoor Pool in Portland, Oregon
Hello K./yelp.com

oregon | wilson outdoor pool

City: Portland
Beat the heat at Wilson Outdoor Pool. With up to six designated lap lanes, swim lessons for all ages, and a leisure pool with a 170-foot current channel and water play structures for tots, there's an activity for everyone. Adults and seniors pay $5.50 and youths and teens $4.50.

Marsh Creek Pool in Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Courtesy of marshcreekpool.com

pennsylvania | marsh creek pool

City: Downingtown
The Marsh Creek Pool looks like an oasis in the midst of a meadow. Surrounded by a lush park, this pool charges everyone $8 for entry on weekdays and $9 on weekends. Seasonal memberships start at $95. For kids there's an intricate splash zone. There is also a bathhouse and changing areas.

Budlong Pool in Cranston, Rhode Island

rhode island | budlong pool

City: Cranston
As one of the largest outdoor pools in the county, the Budlong Pool holds over a million gallons of water. Trees surrounding the pool provide plenty of shady nooks for visitors, and beginning and advanced swimming lessons are available. Day passes start at $3, and season passes are available for $25.

Maxcy Gregg Pool in Columbia, South Carolina
Courtesy of columbiasc.net

south carolina | maxcy gregg pool

City: Columbia
The 50-meter, newly renovated Maxcy Gregg Pool is perfect for competitive swimming. Run by the Columbia Parks and Recreation Department, the pool offers a free swim on Fridays between 1p.m. and 6 p.m. Day rates are $3 and $4. Season passes are also available.

Drake Springs Family Aquatic Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Courtesy of siouxfalls.org

south dakota | drake springs family aquatic center

City: Sioux Falls
The Drake Springs Family Aquatic Center features a zero-depth entry recreation pool with a slide and two diving boards, plus a lazy river with available inner tubes for visitors. Swimming programs include fitness classes and special events.

Oak Ridge Outdoor Pool in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

tennessee | oak ridge outdoor pool

City: Oak Ridge
The Oak Ridge Outdoor Swimming Pool is fed by spring water and said to be one of the largest spring water pools in the nation. The pool also has a diving platform. Children 3 and under are free, youths (up to 18 years) are $3.50, and adults $4.25.

Jack Carter Pool in Plano, Texas

texas | jack carter pool

City: Plano
Everything's big in Texas, including the Jack Carter Pool. The pool features a dual-rider tube slide, a body slide, a lazy river, a deep water pool with platform diving and a climbing wall, a surf simulator, a tot pool, plus a leisure pool with lap lanes, wet deck areas, and spray features. The pool was also the location for the 2018 Guinness World Record for the World's Largest Swimming Lesson. Monthly and annual passes are available.

Draper Pool in Draper, Utah
Courtesy of draper.ut.us

utah | draper pool

City: Draper
Located on the slopes of South Mountain, the Draper Pool boasts a view of the Salt Lake Valley. Lap swimming, open plunge, lessons and an aqua summer camp are just some of the activities available. Children 2 and under enter free, youths (3 to 17) cost $3, adult entry is $3.50 and senior entry is $2.50. The facility offers month-long and season passes.

Waterbury Swimming Pool in Waterbury, Vermont
Courtesy of waterburyvt.com

vermont | waterbury swimming pool

City: Waterbury
This 25-yard city pool is a great place to learn how to swim since it's got a zero-depth entry and a four-foot ledge surrounding its 10-foot deep end. The Waterbury Swimming Pool offers community events such as noodle water polo and noodle aqua aerobics, which involve using a pool noodle for support.

Westover Pool in Harrisonburg, Virginia
Courtesy of harrisonburgva.gov

virginia | westover pool

City: Harrisonburg
Three separate pools provide aquatic fun at Westover Pool. The facility has a diving area, a kiddie pool, and an Olympic-size pool with two activity slides. Check with Harrisonburg Parks & Recreation for hours, as they vary. Admission for children 18 months and under is free, ages 18 months to 17 is $3, and adults are $5. There are discounts for city residents.

Colman Pool in Seattle, Washington
Colman Pool/yelp.com

washington | colman pool

City: Seattle
Colman Pool is a Seattle landmark not to be missed. The 50-meter, eight-lane Olympic-size pool is a balmy 85 degrees. It's situated on the beach and filled with restorative salt water. There are swim classes and special events plus the pool has a giant tube slide. Admission is $3.75 for youths and seniors and $5.50 for adults.

Cameron Swimming Pool in Cameron, West Virginia

west virginia | cameron swimming pool

City: Cameron
The historic Cameron Swimming Pool. is a semicircular pool with a dedicated diving area and an underground lifeguard station. The deep section is fenced off from the shallow section, allowing children to swim safely. A gazebo, picnic tables, chairs and swings provide shady areas for spectators. Children admitted free Wednesdays. Admission is $2 for adults, $1 for seniors 55 and older and for children ages 5 to 17. Children 4 and under enter free.

Monona Pool in Monona, Wisconsin

wisconsin | monona pool

City: Monona
The Monona Pool sports a water slide, diving boards, and eight 25-meter lap lanes. It also offers affordable swim lessons ($40 for eight sessions) with levels for toddlers, junior squirts, and adults. Movie buffs can enjoy summertime "flick 'n' float" family-friendly films.

City Pool in Gillette, Wyoming

wyoming | city pool

City: Gillette
It may not be the biggest pool, but City Pool is free and ADA accessible. The pool, which is operated by the Water Division of the Utilities Department, includes a diving area and designated lap lanes. Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis.