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The OmniPillow

This is a foam pillow that adapts to your body and feels comfy in most positions.

Best Price: $120 for a queen-sized pillow at OmniPillow

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Who Should Buy This?

If you’ve spent your life searching for pillows that solve your neck and back problems, this is a big step in the right direction. People that change positions in the night might like this one a lot, too.

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Why I Tried It

I’ve had chronic neck pain for a long time. Experts allege that this is because I’ve been hunched over a laptop for 15 years, but what do they know? Finding a pillow that makes my neck feel better has been a struggle for years, and I’ve tested a multitude of shapes and sizes. Nothing has helped much.

So when OmniPillow offered to send over a sample for a review, I was excited to give it a try. I’ve never really known what I’m looking for when it comes to the solution for my neck pain, but I figured a week on a queen OmniPillow wouldn’t hurt.

My Experience 

At first glance, I was absolutely convinced this would never work for me. The unboxing was a classic mattress-in-a-box experience, with the pillow puffing up out of a vacuum-sealed package like bubblegum. 

The queen size pillow is fairly large after it’s done expanding, and its medium-firm nature made it seem like it was something that would keep my head pushed forward all night. I’m on track to give myself a Quasimoto-style hump the way I lean forward, and if anything, my neck needs to lean farther back. I was immediately skeptical.

It’s been a little over a week and my neck pain has eased up significantly. Though it seemed too puffy to work for me, clearly it’s not. I think the key difference between this pillow and what I’ve been dealing with in the past is the fact that the OmniPillow works from all angles. It truly seems like this pillow can back up the claim of providing support in any position.

I’m a restless lunatic when I sleep, so I change positions a lot. The support from multiple angles has kept me comfortable all night, and after this many days with lessened neck pain under my belt, I really have to attribute it to the pillow.

“Easy for you to say,” you’re probably thinking. “You got the pillow for free.” And you’re not wrong. It is easy for me to say. 

But here’s my secret: I think sleep is one of the few things worth spending money on. That and sushi. I won’t even consider renting a movie on Prime for $3.99, but I’d pay another $120 for this pillow. This is your sleep we’re talking about. A third of your life, ya know?

omnipillow closeupPhoto credit: Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

TLDR: Pros and Cons


  • It’s comfy from every single position and supports your head nicely.

  • The temperature control works well.

  • Neck pain is significantly impacted.

  • You get to watch it inflate like a magic trick when you open it.


  • These are some pricey pillows.

  • I wish there was a size somewhere between the queen and travel sizes.

omnipillow side viewPhoto credit: Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

The Bottom Line

For somebody like me who struggles with neck pain and can’t seem to find a good position to get comfortable in, the Omni Pillow is a hit. It’s expensive, but investing in your sleep is worth it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the OmniPillow?

The OmniPillow is a luxury pillow designed for support and comfort. It's made from “OmniFlow Foam,” which is composed of “billions of air pockets.”

OmniPillow also touts its “Responsive Temperature Control” and copper-infused, moisture-wicking fabric, which helps keep your temperature down during the night.

How much does the OmniPillow Cost?

Six sizes are currently available: Kids, Travel, Neck, Queen, King, Body, retailing between $40 and $190.

What’s fun (and dangerous for click-happy people like myself) is that you can also finance them; on this plan, the Queen is only $12 per month.

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