Old-Fashioned Dips That Are Surprisingly Delicious

shrimp dip and clam dip collage

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shrimp dip and clam dip collage

Oldies But Goodies

Does anyone else have fond memories of being in Grandma's kitchen while she cooked dinner? You just stared at her in amazement as she seamlessly made her way around every recipe, never missing a beat. While you observed, you sat, greedily stuffing your face with crackers dunked in whatever dip she whipped up and laid out as an appetizer. 

These are those dips: six old-fashioned dips that might not sound like much at first but are absolutely scrumptious every time.

shrimp dip
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1. Shrimp Dip

There are about 101 iterations of this stuff, but my favorite was brought to me by my husband's grandma. Spread a layer of cream cheese onto a dish of your choosing, pour over a layer of your favorite cocktail sauce, and top it with those adorable cooked baby salad shrimps. Grab a couple of sleeves of Ritz crackers and dig in! It's like a shrimp cocktail with a salty and creamy spin.

Recipe: Seeking Good Eats

olive dip
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2. Olive Dip

Olives and "old-fashioned" go hand-in-hand. This recipe basically just requires you to throw together some cream cheese, green olives, and an assortment of seasonings, but it's darn tasty with crackers or chips.

Recipe: Sweet Caramel Sunday

clam dip
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3. Clam Dip

Looking for a recipe to transform the canned clams you always have on hand? Okay, so maybe it's not a grocery item you buy very often, but as repulsive as this dip might sound when you rattle off the ingredients, it just works.

Recipe: Tastes Better from Scratch

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