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One of the most heartwarming gestures in "Ted Lasso",  a show full of feel-good moments, is Ted and Rebecca's daily "biscuits with the boss" ritual that helps win her over. She secretly relishes the cookies (a.k.a. biscuits) he brings her in a little pink box, and searches for the bakery Ted buys them from — only to find out that he bakes them himself. 

I came across the official recipe for the shortbread biscuits straight from Apple TV+, and wondered if the simple, 4-ingredient recipe could brighten someone's day just as they did Rebecca's. While my big, chewy, chock-full-of-mix-ins American cookie heart was dubious of the recipe that doesn't even include a flavoring like vanilla, these biscuits have officially won me over, just as they did Rebecca. 

Because they're so simple, all the flavor comes from the butter. Instead of my usual, cheap supermarket butter, I splurged on Kerrygold, an Irish butter made with milk from grass-fed cows. It's got 82% butterfat, a higher percentage than American butters, and it's got a bit of a cult status among avid home cooks. I knew it would impart a deep, rich flavor in these cookies, and I was right. Since the ingredients are otherwise inexpensive, I recommend trying it. It cost $3.59 for 8 ounces at my local supermarket.

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Whipping the butter so it's light and fluffy is important in this recipe for the final texture of the shortbread. It should be almost white when it's time to add the powdered sugar, and then look like pillowy cake frosting once it's mixed enough. Once you add the flour, however, you should only just barely mix it — overworking it will activate the gluten in the flour, making the biscuits tough.

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The final result absolutely melts in your mouth and is delicate without being crumbly or fragile. They're hard to stop eating, which is why they'd be a great addition to your season 3 "Ted Lasso" watch party. Pale pink boxes or baking pan are not necessary, but greatly appreciated. 

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