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Trying to return a pair of well-worn, scuffed-up shoes to the Nordstrom checkout counter might seem like a ludicrous idea, but — according to one TikToker — it's not. While the high-end retailer isn't quite as forgiving as Costco in the returns department, it turns out that Nordstrom's policy is pretty forgiving. 

According to TikToker Erika Kullberg, whose website notes is an "attorney and personal finance expert," Nordstrom has a generous return policy that requires neither a receipt nor stipulates a time frame for bringing merchandise back to the store. While a cash refund might not be an option, depending on the associate on duty, a gift card for the value of the return may be offered. 

But, as the response to this Twitter post makes clear, there are ethical considerations to consider when taking advantage of the store's magnanimous policy. One user of the social media platform notes that abusing the policy essentially amounts to "showing people how to cheat and scam the system," while another points out that retail salespeople often take the financial hit on returns. 

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"Feels kind of gross to milk the system like this," wrote Twitter user FritzTheCat. "Granted, this is Nordstrom's policy, but I think it was designed to build retention in cases where a refund or store credit may be warranted, and not for customers who abuse the system."

Abuse of a generous return policy has even resulted in brands like Gap and L.L. Bean revising their policies with stricter limitations (and some stores even charging customers to return items, period).

We're curious — how do you feel about this? Do you err on the side of the consumer or the retailer? 

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