These Stores No Longer Require Face Masks For Vaccinated Customers

person throws a protective mask into the trash can - end of covid-19 corona crisis concept picture


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person throws a protective mask into the trash can - end of covid-19 corona crisis concept picture

Breathing Easier

The CDC surprised a lot of people recently, revising its face-mask guidance to say that fully vaccinated people can ditch their masks even indoors. Major retailers and restaurants, most of which have been requiring face coverings since last summer, are now scrambling to re-evaluate their own policies. If you're eager for the new normal to look a little more like the old normal, here are the chains that have said vaccinated customers can now shop without masks.

Note: Stores may still require shoppers to wear masks in places where state and local ordinances require them — regardless of vaccination status.

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Beginning today, many customers can drop their masks at McDonald's. While workers will still wear face coverings, "masks will be optional for fully vaccinated customers unless required by local regulation," the burger giant told USA Today. Social distancing and other safety measures will remain in place. 



Chipotle's updated COVID-19 guidelines allow vaccinated customers to dine in mask-free. "We will continue to require our employees to wear masks; however, fully-vaccinated guests do not need to wear a mask inside of Chipotle restaurants, except where required by local regulations," the chain now says

Don't Overlook Whole Foods
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Whole Foods

Fully vaccinated Whole Foods customers can now shop without a mask except where required by state or local mandate. "We request that individuals not fully vaccinated please continue to wear a mask for their safety and the safety of others," the Amazon-owned grocer says. All employees and Prime shoppers will still be required to wear masks. 

Kroger Supermarket Signage


Kroger has joined the list of retailers allowing fully vaccinated customers (as well as most fully vaccinated employees) to drop their masks. Pharmacy and clinic workers will still need to wear them, however, as will unvaccinated workers. Kroger will keep a few remnants of pandemic guidelines,  including enhanced cleaning, calls for social distancing, and an offer of $100 to employees who get the vaccine. 

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Gap Inc.

Gap says you can now shop without a mask if you're fully vaccinated, a rule change that applies to all company stores: Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta. Employees will still wear masks, as will shoppers in any spots where state and local laws still require masks. Fitting rooms have also re-opened in most stores. 

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Target Knows Before You Do
Costco Wholesale Location. Costco Wholesale is a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Retailer I


Costco's revised mask policy allows fully vaccinated shoppers to enter without any sort of face covering, and the warehouse club says it will not require proof of vaccination. However, it will require masks in the pharmacy, optical, and hearing-aid departments, and notes that masks will still be required if state or local mandates remain in effect. Costco was among the first major retailers to require masks, putting the rule in effect in early May last year.

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Home Depot


Vaccinated customers can now go mask-free while unwinding at Starbucks, though the chain will still require masks if state or local mandates remain in effect. Employees are still required to wear masks and undergo health screenings, and enhanced cleaning procedures will continue. Restrooms will also stay closed to the public in locations where seating is unavailable. 

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Best Things to Buy at Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's didn't waste any time lifting mask requirements for vaccinated customers, taking action just a day after the CDC revised its face-mask guidance. The grocer will not require shoppers to provide proof of vaccination, and employees will still wear masks, a spokesperson told USA Today

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CVS Pharmacy
Best Things to Buy at Aldi


"After careful review of the latest CDC guidance," Aldi will not require masks for fully vaccinated customers, effective immediately. Vaccinated Aldi workers will also get to ditch their masks starting May 26. Any state or local mandates requiring masks will take precedence, however. 

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A Macy's spokesperson has told USA Today that "facial coverings are recommended but not required" for vaccinated shoppers, "except where state or local mandates require them."

Best Buy
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Best Buy

Both fully vaccinated customers and employees are now able to shop and work at Best Buy without covering their faces, the chain recently announced, except where state or local mandates require masks. Best Buy workers making house calls for installations and repairs will still be required to wear masks, regardless of their vaccination status.

Lowe's Price-Match Policy


Lowe's has amended its COVID-19 safety page to say that it "will align with the CDC's new guidance unless required differently by state or local requirements."

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Walgreens has joined rival CVS in announcing that fully vaccinated customers will no longer be required to wear masks, except where required by state and local law. Employees will still be required to wear masks. 



Fully vaccinated JCPenney customers and associates are no longer required to wear masks in stores, with two exceptions: Where face coverings are mandated by state or local ordinances, and in the JCPenney Salon, JCPenney Optical, and JCPenney Portraits Studio.

Office Depot

Office Depot

Fully vaccinated employees and customers are now allowed to skip masks at Office Depot, a spokesperson said in a statement to Cheapism. Masks are still necessary where required by state and local laws.

Dollar General
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Dollar General

"Following the most recent CDC guidance, Dollar General will not require fully-vaccinated employees, customers and vendors to wear facial coverings or masks," the chain's updated COVID-19 policy reads. "All others are encouraged to continue wearing face coverings. In areas where local, county and/or state law mandates mask use, employees and customers are required to wear masks."