Why to Skip Going Out on NYE


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New Year's Eve is one of the most popular nights for going out, but don't let FOMO (fear of missing out) pressure you into spending too much money on a crowded, irritating, mediocre time. Instead enjoy a cheaper, safer and more enjoyable time in your own home, watching the ball drop on TV (or not) and tumbling into bed without trying to navigate home through a sea of revelers. You'll feel better for it Jan. 1. Here are 15 reasons to skip the parties and ring in the New Year indoors.

You Can Avoid All of Those Long Lines

Everything on New Year's Eve comes with a line. There's a line to get in whatever venue you've selected, a line at the bar, a line at the bathroom, a link at the sink, and a line at the bar again. You'll spend half your night in a queue, and that's if you're lucky enough to be in a bar with quick bartenders and multiple stalls in the restroom.

You'll Steer Clear of Intoxicated People

New Year's Eve is one of those holidays when people tend to overindulge. If you're one of them, Godspeed. If not, you're definitely going to find the inebriated-before-midnight crowd extremely irritating. And even if you want to partake in a drink or more, you can do so from the comfort of your home while saving a bundle.

You Won't Get Stuck At DUI Checkpoints

Depending on where you live, you may have to deal with DUI checkpoints, in which police stop motorists on major thoroughfares to make sure they're sober. Obviously, you should never drink and drive, but checkpoints can be yet another hurdle on an already hassle-filled night even if you're the responsible designated driver.

Avoid Ride Sharing SurchargesPhoto credit: Onfokus/istockphoto

You Save Money By Avoiding Uber/Lyft Surcharges

Let's say you've decided to have a few drinks and are being responsible by using a ride-sharing service. So has everyone else. That means surge pricing is going to be in full effect, so be prepared for the typical fare home to double, triple, quadruple or worse — and don't forget to tip.

You Won't Have to Deal With Crowded Public Transit

You can save money and still be responsible by taking public transit, assuming you live in a metro area that offers a reliable form of it. Beware, however, as buses and trains can get crowded on holidays. You may have to wait for the next one and, when it finally comes, get stuck standing on a claustrophobic bus or train with a bunch of drunk and noisy strangers.

You'll Stay Warm While Avoiding Inclement Weather

Depending on the region, you might end up with chilly temperatures or a blizzard. Why slide around in dress shoes on icy sidewalks or risk a fender bender on snowy roads when you could just stay warm in the comfort of your own home?

Stay Inside to Avoid Inclement WeatherPhoto credit: IdealPhoto30/istockphoto

You Can Skip the Pricey Cover Charges

Bars, clubs and other venues often charge covers of $20 or more just to get in (so you can wait in those lines inside instead of outside). That's money that usually nets you only passage inside and perhaps a champagne toast the size of a Dixie cup at midnight. At least if you stay home, you can spend that $20 on a pizza.

You'll Avoid Packed Bars and Clubs

It's nice to think about being in a sea of happy people, at one with humanity. But in reality, the curmudgeon in all of us needs a little personal space and some fresh air. We have to admit, at some point, that crowds are terrible and should ideally be avoided at all costs. Unless you know of a neighborhood dive whose regulars go home for the holidays, you're probably going to be up against massive crowds anywhere you go.

You'll Get to Skip the Big Buildup and Big Let Down

People put a lot of effort into the perfect New Year's Eve, from killer outfits to planning out that midnight kiss. Whenever that much expectation is built into a night, there's a huge propensity for it to go awry. Set your sights on a chill evening at home with a few friends or neighbors and it's much more likely to live up to your expectations.

You Won't Have to Hire a SitterPhoto credit: AleksandarNakic/istockphoto

You Won't Have to Hire a Sitter

Those of you with children can save on babysitting costs by staying home. If you have friends or neighbors with children about the same age, you can invite them over for a playdate. The youngsters can have some sparkling juice for a toast at midnight — assuming they can stay up that late.

You Can Binge Watch Movies and TV Instead

Think of all the movies, TV shows, and documentaries that are at one's disposal with any number of streaming services. There's more than enough entertainment to satisfy you for an evening. Pro tip: "New Year's Evil," a 1980 slasher film about a killer who plans to strike once in each U.S. time zone at the stroke of midnight, streams on Amazon Prime. It's seasonally appropriate schlock good for making fun of with friends.

You'll Enjoy Better, Cheaper Cocktails At Home

You could hit up that new mixology bar and pay $16 for a cocktail that takes the bartender 15 minutes to make, or you could come up with your own perfect recipe at home. Simple syrup is easy to make with just sugar and water. Pick up some club soda, fresh fruit, and a favorite spirit, and you've got yourself a round or two for you and your friends for a fraction of what it'd cost at the bar.

You Don't Have to Get Dressed UpPhoto credit: Andrey_Kuzmin/istockphoto

You Don't Have to Get Dressed Up

One of the best things about your house is that you set your own dress code, even if that means a robe and slippers. Instead of donning an uncomfortable suit or dress with shoes that are far from sensible, you can stay cozy and comfortable at home or a friend's house.

You Can Plan a Fun Game Night Instead

Instead of wasting money on mediocre entertainment, enjoy a game night with a few friends or neighbors. Guests could bring their favorite game, or you could try a new one for the occasion such as "Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment," in which players must solve puzzles to find a cure for a werewolf virus. At $22 from Target, it's far cheaper than actually going to an escape room, and can be enjoyed at home with a cheese plate and wine. Or you could try a strategy game such as "Munchkin" ($15 from Amazon).

You Can Have Food, Drinks and More Delivered

The number of delivery services you can download to your phone is pretty impressive. You can get food from GrubHub, Eat24, Seamless, and Postmates. You can get alcohol via Drizly and Saucey in many cities. Or if you feel like cooking, you can get groceries with Instacart or Amazon Fresh. Why ever leave the house again?

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