6 Exciting New iPhone Emojis Debuted: Find Out What They Are

New iPhone emojis

Cheapism / DALL-E 3

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New iPhone emojis
Cheapism / DALL-E 3

Emoji Shuffle

New emojis have arrived! As part of the new iOS 17.4 beta update, iPhone users will now see some friendly new faces (and a few random objects) on their emoji keyboard. 

Rather than sifting through the entire emoji library to hunt down what's different, we've highlighted the newbies below. 

head shaking horizontally emoji

1. Head Shaking Horizontally

Did someone text you and ask you a question that deserves a hard-no answer? You'll soon be able to express your "absolutely not" with a head-shaking emoji indicating that horizontal action we all know as "NOPE." 

head shaking vertically emoji

2. Head Shaking Vertically

Want to express an emphatic "Yes, please" to your friend when they send you a text asking if you want anything from Chick-fil-A while they're there? Here you go: a cute little nodding head emoji. 

phoenix emoji

3. Phoenix

Cue philosophical social media posts about people's adventures rising from the ashes on their climb to success. They'll surely dot the end of their poignant statement with this bad boy (and probably the 100 emoji and the flexing one, too). 

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lime emoji

4. Lime

Whether you're posting a key lime pie recipe to Instagram or you're trying to text your friends and invite them for tacos and margaritas on Tuesday, this little lime emoji will come in handy. 

brown mushroom emoji

5. Brown Mushroom

Because the red mushroom with white polka dots is just not enough, okay? We need a brown mushroom, guys. And we're getting it. Maybe we'll get a morel emoji one day! 

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broken chain emoji

6. Broken Chain

Okay, we're already brainstorming what types of posts we could make with the lyrics, "One of these days I'm gonna break these chaaaains" and this broken chain emoji. A Travis Tritt tribute. Gen Zers will more than likely use this emoji to signify the end of a friendship or romantic relationship, although we really feel like this one is up for interpretation. 

assortment of new emojis

7. Other New Emojis

From the running people emojis to the emojis of people moving in wheelchairs, any of those emojis that are heading in a certain direction now have a parallel partner. You can find them right next to the original one, so now you can indicate that you're running in more than one direction! 

There are also four new emojis of non-gender-specific families. And now, rather than showing colorful people emojis next to each other, all family emojis have different combinations of white silhouettes overlayed on gray square icons.