New Article: Cheap Flower Delivery


With Valentine's Day only a week away, time is running short to order a bouquet of fresh flowers for someone special.

Our research strongly suggests that arranging cheap flower delivery directly through a local florist, rather than turning to an online delivery service, is the way to go. Contacting a florist near the recipient might take a little extra work, but we came up with an estimate of $50 for delivery of a dozen red roses in late January compared with $59 to $86 online. We also struggled to find any positive reviews of the major online flower retailers.

If you do prefer to order online, ProFlowers tends to fare slightly better in reviews than competitors such as 1-800-Flowers and FTD. The company often ships from its own warehouses instead of passing on orders to local florists. But like the rest, this site draws criticism for botched orders and miscellaneous fees that balloon the purchase price just before checkout.