‘Charging More for Less': Netflix Customers Outraged With Second Price Hike in a Year

Netflix Cancel Reddit

Cheapism / Reddit / mphillips007/istockphoto

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Netflix Cancel Reddit
Cheapism / Reddit / mphillips007/istockphoto

Netflix, Are You for Real?

In a world where inflation seems to be the new trend, Netflix, not to be outdone by the price of avocados, has decided to raise its prices for the second time this year. In a letter to shareholders, the streaming giant announced that starting Oct. 18, the price of its basic plan will rise from $9.99 to $11.99, and the premium ad-free plan will jump from $19.99 to $22.99 for users in the U.S., U.K., and France

Understandably, customers were upset about the news — with many deciding to cancel their subscriptions altogether. At this rate, we might need to start forming neighborhood Netflix clubs and pooling resources to afford a shared subscription, commenters said in a Reddit thread. But wait, they won't let us do that either. 

"They call it a crackdown as if we were doing something wrong," writes one user, "Yet for years their policy was to 'share with a friend'." From outrage to disappointment, here are the top 10 comments from frustrated Redditors over Netflix's continued price hikes. Is it greed or is it justified? What do you think? 

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1. Good Riddance

Feeling the pinch in their entertainment budgets, many users pointed out that while Netflix has expanded its content library, the quality and variety of shows don't necessarily justify the platform's soaring costs. "I regret not cancelling my subscription sooner," says another user.

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2. Good Ol' Greed

As this user points out, shouldn't Netflix be lowering prices instead of increasing them now that more people are paying for it? Unfortunately like many big corporations, Netflix seems more preoccupied with lining the pockets of its investors than looking out for its subscribers. "That's just greedy capitalism in a nutshell," another user adds. 

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2. Beat Them at Their Own Game

With a plethora of streaming competitors now available at varied price points, subscribers are questioning the value they're getting from Netflix compared to other options. But as this Redditor points out, one way to get around price hikes is to rotate between platforms by keeping just one active subscription at a time and cancelling it after a few months. 

Beating them at their own game, huh? We salute you, good sir!

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4. Won't Be Looking Back

As this user points out, the only thing Netflix succeeded in — aside from pissing a lot of customers off — is losing their business. "When streaming services start to become cable, then its time to cut the (metaphorical) cord," one user notes

We have to agree — wasn't the whole point of streaming services to avoid being roped into long-term cable contracts? "Streaming services have become what they sought to replace," another user adds. Sheesh. 

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5. Well, That Didn't Age Well

Back in 2000, Netflix executives tried to sell the company to Blockbuster for $50 million. The result? They were "laughed out of the room," said Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph. We all know what happened to the movie rental chain later on. Lessons to be learned here? Failure to evolve equals death — and maybe try to keep your customers happy. After all, they're the ones that determine a business' success. 

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6. Netflix, We're Breaking Up With You

As this user points out, Netflix is already the most expensive streaming platform on the market. Yet the company seems to think it can keep hiking prices without boosting its content. "There's nothing on Netflix right now. Why wouldn't you cancel?" one user notes, while another adds, "At some point if your product becomes too expensive, people will leave and they may not come back." It sure is looking that way. 

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7. Drop It Like Its Hot

Believe me, we're also this close to ghosting Netflix like a bad date — or in this case, a hot turd. 

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8. Look What You Made Us Do

Multiple users noted that paying for a VPN to watch pirated shows and movies is now cheaper than keeping a Netflix subscription. While this might be a workaround for some, it also raises questions about ethical and lawful implications. Just look what you made us do, Netflix. Now you've got people breaking the law just to watch TV. 

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9. No Good Shows Anyway

Raise your hand if you've ever gotten hooked on a Netflix show just for the platform to pull the plug on it after one or two seasons. From the "Santa Clarita Diet," "Sense8," to "Tuca & Bertie" and "The Get Down," there are so many examples of Netflix just playing with our emotions. As the user notes, Netflix simply hasn't produced enough worthwhile content to justify all the price hikes. 

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10. Running Out of Ideas

According to this user, Netflix may be attempting to raise prices because it's "hit a technological wall," and "ran out of ideas." If that's the case, can the decision-makers at the company reassess their strategies to figure out how to make money in other ways? I mean, do they not know that we're all poor?