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You can rent someone's house, you can rent someone's pool, you can rent someone's car ... and now you can rent their garage. is essentially the Airbnb of storage space. The website connects people who need storage space for their stuff with people who have space to rent out, whether that's a garage, driveway, parking lot, or closet. Securing a space can often be cheaper and easier than paying for a storage facility, and, if you have a space to rent out, can also be a good way to earn some extra passive income. Read on to learn more about and find out if it's for you.

What Is is both an app and a website, and invites people to either list a storage space or rent out a space to securely store everything from boxes and furniture to vehicles. Like Airbnb, the host and renter communicate directly; a big plus is the cost may be lower and the terms more flexible than a typical storage facility. Upon perusing the site, we saw everything from a driveway listed for $35 a month to a full garage listed for $115 a month.

How Does Work? 

If you have a space in your home to rent — such as a garage, closet, or even your driveway — simply set up a profile and list it. If you want to rent a space, you can peruse the listings much like other rental sites, then communicate directly with the lister. 

To be a part of the community, you do have to follow some rules, such as not touching other people's items and conducting all payments and communication through the site's platform. And, it goes without saying, no illegal activity.

How Do You Make Money?

Your space, your terms, your agreement — how much passive income you make is up to you. Renters pay a monthly fee under the terms provided by the host, but the company itself does deduct a service and processing fee. This fee goes towards a $1 million host liability protection.

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Is Safe?

If you're curious how either renting out your personal space or putting your own stuff in someone else's personal space is a good idea, thought of that. The company offers the aforementioned liability protection, along with a list of protections for hosts, including:

  • Bodily injuries related to your storage reservation
  • Third-party property damage (excluding host and renter property damage) related to your storage reservation

That being said, they specifically point out what's not protected, and we think a couple of these are fairly major and worth considering (i.e. your stuff is destroyed, not their problem):

  • Property damage
  • Insurance deductibles
  • Damage or personal liability claims originating from non-storage-related activities
  • Any claim that does not strictly follow's resolution process as defined in the company's terms of service

The Bottom Line touts itself as a cheaper, more convenient storage option. This may or may not be the case, depending on what types of storage you find locally. Before you automatically assume is a better deal, it's worth shopping around at your local storage facilities.

If you're looking to host a storage space, keep in mind how much control you need over your space. Sure, renting something like a driveway sounds like an easy way to make money, but will neighbors be able to claim a disturbance? Do you want a stranger coming and going from your property? 

Some Redditors are really pulling in money with this side hustle. Subscriber u/Henrik-Powers says, "I’ve been using neighbor to rent out our RV space, it went crazy in 2020 [with] everyone buying campers. We do ours by the foot, have a fenced in lot and security cameras, gravel lay down yard used to be used for construction. Currently pulling in over $3500 a month and it’s been the easiest money I’ve made." 

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What can you store through

Boxes, boats, beds, and more. You can store everything from a RV to a trailer to an entire fleet of vehicles. 

What storage space can you list on 

If you have an open room, a closet, a garage, or a driveway, they may be listable. Basically, anything that's a clean open space is a potential storage unit.

Can you live or work at a listing? 

No — spaces are solely for items.

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