Baked Frito Pie (Chili Corn Chip Nachos) with Black Olives, Tomatoes, Green Onions, Jalapenos, Salsa, Guacamole and Sour Cream


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Picture this: You’re trying to make a nice plate of nachos, but you’re having trouble getting the beans to spread easily. What’s a nacho maker to do?

One Redditor recently called out their girlfriend’s mother’s unusual — but possibly brilliant — hack for spreading refried beans. The mom uses a frosting bag to squeeze the beans on nachos, ending up with completely even coverage on every chip. This is such an obviously good idea that we're ashamed we've never thought of it — as were some Redditors.

"I was like DI-WHYHAVEINEVERHEARDOFTHIS?!," comments u/Previous-Mushroom-26.

Meanwhile, u/Launchpad_McFrak points out something we can’t unsee: “This is actually a really smart idea except that the beans look like cat turds."

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beansPhoto credit: Reddit

Another commenter replies that once the nachos are fully covered in cheese, salsa, and jalapeños and baked, you’ll never think about the beans looking like that. 

"Using a frosting bag is a lot faster than using a spoon. Same goes for filling deviled eggs if you're doing more than a dozen," u/Aldermere says.

The whole thread ends up becoming a big discussion about the best process for making nachos.

One Redditor recommends putting the beans on the bottom, followed by chips, cheese, and other toppings. But u/FreeFallingUp13 just doesn’t get the whole debate. 

"Just use a spoon. You heat up the beans, you use a spoon to plop it on your nachos. This is absolutely DiWHY," they say.

"Then the beans aren’t evenly distributed and are globby. This is genius for better topping/bite ratio," responds u/BadPom.

The discussion — and takes on how to handle beans — grows ever increasingly detailed.

"Better solution is use tostadas (flat crispy tortillas) instead of chips. Larger surface area for toppings. If you want smaller pieces afterward , just use a knife to quarter them, like they do for nachos in some Tex Mex restaurants," says u/Curiouserousity.

Beans on nachos never struck us as something very contentious, but now you know. Still, we're willing to try this hack if it gives us perfect nachos every time.

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