10 Mustache Accessories Under $12 to Celebrate Movember


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mustache of paper in his hand on a stick
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November is the hairiest month of the year, thanks to Movember, the popular campaign for men's health. Since the first Movember mustaches sprouted in Australia in 2003, more than 5 million people worldwide have taken part, according to the Movember Foundation, raising awareness of problems such as prostate cancer. These 10 products for $12 or less help celebrate Movember in style.

Clubman Moustache Wax with Brush Comb
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Mold a 'stache to perfection with a brush/wax combo from Clubman ($6.63 on Amazon). Reviews say the product holds facial hair with the best of them -- even keeping handlebars perky and taming the most ironic of soul patches.

Bright Mustache Lollipops
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Real mustache hair isn't the most flavorful thing to get in your mouth, so grab a treat that tastes a lot better. Mustache lollipops in multiple colors are the perfect party favor for any type of Movember celebration ($5 for a dozen from Oriental Trading Co.).

The Mustachifier
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Dad and baby can be twins with a mustache pacifier that's funny as well as useful. The Mustachifier ($10) is a cheap way to give baby's look some Movember swagger. Styles range from the "gentleman" to the "cowboy."

Kent 81T- Men's Handmade Beard/Moustache Comb
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Keep a mustache neat and tidy with a facial hair comb from Kent ($6.89 on Amazon). It works for everything from a handlebar to a "Magnum, P.I."-style chevron.

WAHL Mustache & Beard Battery-Operated Trimmer
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Short and sweet 'staches are more attractive than unkempt messes, so look your best for the big mustache month with a Wahl battery-operated trimmer ($11 at Walmart).

I Mustache You A Question T-Shirt
Photo credit: Courtesy of 6dollarshirts.com


Even people who can't grow a mustache can support the cause and the facial hair fanatics in their lives by wearing a fun tee from 6DollarShirts. The site features enough mustache designs to fill a wardrobe all Movember long.

Moody Pet Humunga Stache Mini Dog Toy for Small Dogs
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Fido may have his own furry version of a mustache, but a human-scale 'stache on a pooch's hairy face is, let's face it, much funnier. The Humunga Stache ($9.23 on Amazon) doubles as a dog toy for pups to chew.

Fun Express 12 Fake Moustaches
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If a real mustache just isn't coming in, pick up a fake. The assorted styles in a $8 pack from Amazon aren't going to fool anyone, but they're a fine way to show support.

Fred & Friends HANDLEBAR Mustache Corkscrew & Bottle Opener
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It's easy to put a mustache on anything and sell it as Movember merch. But a bottle opener with a fun handlebar 'stache on top ($10.55 on Amazon) serves a purpose: It's a festive way to pop a favorite vintage at the end of a successful month of fundraising.

Mo Ride Air Freshener Pack
Photo credit: Courtesy of us.shop.movember.com


This nose knows how to celebrate Movember. The Mo Ride Air Freshener Pack ($10) is available on the official Movember website. The scent is reminiscent of men's cologne and leather.

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