The Most Fashionable TV Shows of 2022

The White Lotus

Courtesy of HBO

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Liam Daniel / Netflix

Stylish Shows

We may watch Netflix to chill, but it's often the costumes on a series that draw us in as much as the plot. That's what Boohoo, a fashion website, found when they conducted a recent study. The site analyzed Google search data for various search terms associated with fashion and outfits for every new and recurring TV show released in 2022. These were the most fashionable TV shows of 2022.

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Eddy Chen / HBO

#1: 'Euphoria'

Combined Monthly Searches for Fashion: 132,900  

The HBO high school drama "Euphoria" follows a group of teens wrestling with identity, addiction, and every weighty teen issue you can think of. Their outfits reflect their characters as they navigate some of the darker aspects of life. The phrase "Euphoria outfits" received an average of 121,000 times a month, putting it in first place for fashionable shows.

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Emily in Paris
Stéphanie Branchu / Netlfix

#2: 'Emily in Paris'

Combined Monthly Searches for Fashion: 39,900  

This romantic comedy on Netflix focuses on a young woman from the midwest who lands her dream job in Paris. The show follows Emily, in one fabulous yet outrageous outfit after another, as she navigates life in the City of Light. "Emily in Paris outfits" is searched for an average of 31,000 times a month.

Stranger Things
Courtesy of Netflix

#3: 'Stranger Things'

Combined Monthly Searches for Fashion: 28,800 

The Netflix series "Stranger Things," which features monsters, mystery, and mega 80's fashion, came in third for most searched for fashion. Between the plethora of acid-washed jeans, authentic hairstyles, and neon colors (plus scary plot elements), it's not a surprise viewers can't take their eyes away from the screen.

Peaky Blinders
Robert Viglasky / Netflix

#4: 'Peaky Blinders'

Combined Monthly Searches for Fashion: 18,200  

A British drama that's set in early 1900's Birmingham, England, the period costumes in this show captured people's attention. "Peaky Blinders fashion" received an average of 7,300 searches each month worldwide.

Liam Daniel / Netflix

#5: 'Bridgerton'

Combined Monthly Searches for Fashion: 14,400 

And speaking of period dramas, this popular Netflix show based on a collection of romance novels captivated viewers with its fashions. The program is a masterpiece of Regency style, featuring bold empire-waist gowns, corsets, and plenty of dazzling accessories.

Killing Eve
Jon Kopaloff / Stringer / Getty Images

#6: 'Killing Eve'

Combined Monthly Searches for Fashion: 1,350

This spy drama is filled with fashion inspiration. The main character's standout style includes plenty of strikingly bold suits, leading many to search for how to emulate the look.

Photo Credit: Rob Youngson / Netflix

#7: 'Heartstopper'

Combined Monthly Searches for Fashion: 1,180 

"Heartstopper" is the story of two teens and their surprising friendship. But the Netflix show's fashions are also the story, with numerous articles and Pinterest boards featuring how to copy the fearless looks.

The Crown
Keith Bernstein / Netflix

#8: 'The Crown'

Combined Monthly Searches for Fashion: 960 

The historical drama follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and the fashions are historically accurate. The show replicates the late Princess Diana's exact outfits seen in the media down to every last detail for eagle-eyed viewers.

The White Lotus
Fabio Lovino / HBO

#9: 'The White Lotus'

Combined Monthly Searches for Fashion: 600  

This HBO series is in its second season, in a new location — this time Italy. The costumes, which are used to illustrate the story behind each unique character, are part of the show's eye-catching aesthetics.

Vlad Cioplea / Netflix

#10: 'Wednesday'

Combined Monthly Searches for Fashion: 260 

A breakout hit on Netflix, Wednesday is relatively new to streaming but already gaining attention for the costumes. The lead character sports a plethora of goth-inspired outfits, many of which are being emulated all over Tik Tok.