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Mexican pizzas for $10, $6 bean burritos, and $4 regular old crunchy tacos. What the heck is going on at this Taco Bell in Seattle?!

Those outrageous menu prices have come under fire at the Bell in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood. That location (at 210 W. Mercer Ave) is notorious for its prices, so a local publication investigated. Vivian McCall, writer for "The Stranger", compared prices at five other TBs in the area and found that prices are 98% higher in Queen Anne than at nearby locations. That makes it Seattle's most expensive Taco Bell, and we're betting it might be the priciest in the country. 

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"Every time I try to go there, I go into the drive-thru and straight up back out," said Erica Rudd in a video on her TikTok account, @bloombrats_botanical. "I know out there in Seattle there's a group of people that are just as angry about how expensive the Taco Bell in Queen Anne is as I am," she said in the TikTok, which struck a chord in the area because it got over 66,000 views. 

In a Reddit thread on r/Seattle about McCall's article, locals don't hold back on their hatred of this Taco Bell locale. "Even living within blocks of this I will go literally anywhere else," said u/mmp737. "Either this is the most bizarre test case of 'how much are people willing to pay for s***** food in a relatively convenient location — but are not a captive audience in a venue or airport' or a money laundering operation. Neither seem out of the realm of possibility …"

"Yeah I really despise that location and their price gouging," said u/TheoryNine. "Ridiculous."

Reviews on Yelp are similarly scathing, as you can imagine. "Yo, the prices at this Taco Bell are literally insane. Absolutely do not go to this location for any reason," said Simon V. "Spent over $45 on a 4 tacos, 2 chips and cheese, and 2 soft drinks. Then the window girl looked at me dumbfounded when I asked how was this $50."

"Worst Taco Bell EVER," said anoter Yelper in a 1-star review. "Major price gouging going on here — at least double any Taco Bell I have ever been to. Avoid at all costs - unless you like double paying for your food."

So how does this Taco Bell get away with charging twice as much — or more! — for your spicy potato soft tacos and Crunchwrap supremes? Location, location, location. Each location can set their own prices, which is why you probably already know to avoid one TB near you because another one is always cheaper. 

This location is also in a primo spot just blocks from attractions like the Space Needle, museums, theaters, and sports arenas. Chances are, the prices are set to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists and out-of-towners who just need to shove some familiar food in their hungry kid's face. 

But even taking into account those factors, this Seattle location's prices are so far out of the realm of reality that it feels insulting, like a slap to the face of anyone that has entered its drive-thru. One succinct Yelper with a "not currently recommended" review probably sums up the feeling of everyone who has had the misfortune of stepping through its doors: "F****** ripoff F****** ripoff F****** ripoff F****** ripoff F****** ripoff."

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