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Who doesn't love a pizza delivered piping hot to our front steps? Apparently not everyone, according to the publication Pizza Today, which revealed the issues customers found most annoying in getting their savory pie.

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Of the five most common complaints pizza-lovers had when getting their fix, some grumbles were specific to going out to eat (too long a wait for a table and no reservation option). The other three applied to pizzerias and their deliveries.

While "this is not what I ordered" and "unusual portion sizes" are problems some of us have bumped into, everyone who has ordered a pizza when already hungry knows the last one — the food took too long to arrive. Whether it's 20 minutes or an hour (a fresh pizza from Domino's takes 7 minutes and  15 seconds to cook, and that's not counting making it, boxing it, and delivering it), waiting on a pizza, especially past the time when you expect it to arrive, is the worst.  

Luckily, pizza chains know your pain and at least some are trying to do something about it — but be careful what you wish for. Domino's (which lays claim to having the fastest pizza maker in Werner Lomker, who can make three large pizzas in just 57 seconds) made their name with the promise of fast delivery, though that 30 minutes or less guarantee ended way back in 1993. But now the chain is going in a new direction. Though they intend to keep delivery as an option, they're leaning into customer pick-up, in part to avoid paying a rising minimum wage to people to schlep your pizza.

If you do decide to roll the dice on a pizza delivery, don't take your frustration out on your delivery person if it is a few minutes late. Getting pizza to your door just may be one of the most dangerous jobs in America.

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