The Most Boring Major U.S. Cities


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Not All Places Are Worth The Trouble.

With the cost of living continuing its ever-steady climb, the immense value of properly planning out whatever kind of travel plans you're financially able to, can't be expressed enough. The last situation you want to find yourself in is the profoundly irritating debacle that is realizing you've up and "vacationed" to a major US city that has much of nothing going for it. 

Thankfully, this quick and informative list shared by Redditors provides much-needed clarity on which major US cities you would do well to avoid unless you're looking for a boring time. 

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Bakersfield, California

To kick things off, apparently Bakersfield, California doesn't have a whole lot going for it. At least according to Redditor u/Confused_Penguin5, who writes, "Bakersfield. Drove through there enough times to make me glad I lived in Fresno. Even then I’d say Fresno is a close second. Really no reason to ever visit unless you are passing through to Yosemite or going out to the central coast."

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San Jose, California

Apparently, San Jose, California is one of those fine and ever desirous places that has a very small amount of tourists when compared to the population of any other city within America. 


Bridgeport, Connecticut

It sounds like Bridgeport, Connecticut is one of those places that you can elect to visit if you're in the mood for abandoned buildings, sizable mountains of broken glass, and other miscellaneous acts of crime that can range from petty theft to full-on high speed car chases. So, not boring, but boring if you want to stay relatively safe and thus inevitably can't venture outside too often. 

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Mesa, Arizona

Apparently Mesa is one of those places that's seemingly too big of a piece of land relative to the amount of stuff that's actually happening in Mesa. Which apparently isn't a whole lot. 

Jeff Yount/istockphoto

Charlotte, North Carolina

The general reputation of Charlotte, NC is that it seems to be one of those cities that is playing catch up with the other bigger cities. With that being said, it sounds like it's a decent enough destination if you're visiting for a concert or sports game, but otherwise best to steer clear to avoid inevitable dawn of boredom. 

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