Welcome to Frugal YouTube: These Influencers Will Guide You to the Cheap Side

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freelance woman work from home

Watch Videos, Save Money

If you’re a visual learner who’s tired of inauthentic or stuffy personal finance guides, then you should consider expanding your search to YouTube. Much of the advice there is genuine, from real penny pinchers who actually live below their means. But given the overwhelming sea of content online, we compiled a list of r/Frugal’s favorite channels to give you a head start.

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Under the Median YouTube Channel

Under the Median

Most Popular Frugal Video: 10 Cheap, Healthy Pantry Foods That Last a Long Time

For the past four years, this sweet, unassuming husband and wife duo have been teaching viewers practical money-saving tips, with 10 to 25-minute videos covering topics like how to feed a family of four on $50 a week and how to thrift more effectively. Redditors’ only mild critique is that Larry and Hope push a tad too much sponsored content, like promoting a $2,000 e-bike.

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Fairyland Cottage Channel

Fairyland Cottage

Most Popular Frugal Video: 2 Ingredient Laundry Detergent - Zero Waste - Natural - Economical

This channel embraces cottagecore (aka farmcore), an internet aesthetic that idealizes cozy, rural life in England. Think cardigans, homemade bread, amanita mushrooms, goats, etc. It’s all very relaxing, but you may be wondering what “Anne of Green Gables” has to do with personal finance. Well, part of the whole cottagecore thing is about living simply and more harmoniously with the environment, both of which intersect with cutting spending.

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Sustainably Vegan YouTube Channel

Sustainably Vegan

Most Popular Frugal Video: How To Make Plant Based Milks » Almond, oat & rice

As you can guess from the name, this channel is less about frugal living and more about how to live a low-impact lifestyle. Still, there’s a lot of overlap between penny-pinching and sustainability, and the channel’s host, Immy, even touches directly on frugal living with videos like “Getting serious about my budget.” Know, however, that Immy’s videos are more vloggy than purely informational.

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That Lisa Dawn YouTube Channel

That Lisa Dawn

Most Popular Frugal Video: How to Eat for $10 a Week | Dollar Tree Budget Meal Plan | Emergency Grocery Haul

Looking for authenticity? Check out Lisa Dawn’s budget-focused cooking videos. Unlike Sustainably Vegan or Fairyland Cottage, Lisa comes across as less of a polished internet brand and more like an everyday person trying to make ends meet. Although almost all of her content centers on cooking meals from the Dollar Tree, she also covers affordable gardening and cleaning hacks.

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Frugal Fit Mom YouTube Channel

Frugal Fit Mom

Most Popular Frugal Video: 126 MEALS FOR $30! | Emergency Extreme Budget Grocery Haul 2020

While some of Frugal Fit Mom’s videos don’t exactly seem frugal or fit — in one video, she tries every cinnamon toast crunch product — most of her content focuses on budgeting, especially as it relates to food. Whether you want to learn how to throw together a family meal for just $5 or cut your grocery bill in half, Frugal Fit Mom is a prolific budget YouTuber who’ll likely appeal to families that are trying to stretch their dollars.

Beat the Bush Channel

Beat the Bush

Most Popular Frugal Video: Fix a scratched disc for cheap! (Not using toothpaste! CD/DVD only)

With many of his new videos garnering just a few thousand views, Beat the Bush might fly under the radar amongst more popular content creators. And yet, his channel is a treasure trove of practical, bite-sized financial advice that will appeal to time-poor viewers who only have a few minutes to spare.

Frugal Jo YouTube Channel

Frugal Jo

Most Popular Frugal Video: Two Years of Extreme Frugality - what we did and how it changed our lives

Jo’s channel is about “having a great life without spending a lot.” That translates to low-cost recipes, frugal home renovation techniques, and some more personal vlog content as well. For U.S. viewers, the only drawback to Jo’s short, informative videos is that she’s based in the U.K. That said, she insists that most of her content is relevant no matter where you live.