Homemade Roasted Mississippi Pot Roast


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If you're like us, these chillier fall temps have you suddenly craving a hearty pot roast. But if a traditional roast seasoned with savory herbs and slow-cooked over a bed of carrots and potatoes has started to fall flat on your taste buds, fear not. There's a super simple, flavor-packed roast recipe that Redditors and TikTokers are raving about that will shake up your roast routine and satisfy your cravings. (Trust me, after making it for my family for the first time a couple of years ago, I have never prepared it any other way.) Without further ado, I give you: the Mississippi pot roast. 

The ingredients for Mississippi roast are definitely not what you're used to seeing in a traditional roast recipe. You'll need a jar of pepperoncini peppers, a stick of butter, a ranch dressing seasoning packet, an onion soup mix packet (some recipes might call for an au jus packet instead), and, of course, a chuck roast. Albeit a bit unexpected, the flavorful ingredients create a savory roast that melts in your mouth and simultaneously sends an electric charge to your taste buds.

If you're wanting to give this a try, here's how I prepare mine:


  • Boneless chuck roast
  • Half a jar of pepperoncini peppers (and splash a little of the juice from the jar in too!)
  • Packet of Lipton onion soup mix
  • Packet of Hidden Valley ranch dressing seasoning
  • Stick of unsalted butter

Sear the roast in olive oil on a pan on both sides. Transfer the meat to a slow cooker and dump the seasoning packets on top of it. Add in half of the peppers from the jar and a splash of the juice and place a stick of butter right smack dab in the center of the meat. Turn it on low for about eight hours and thank me later!

mississippi roast horizontalPhoto credit: Rachel Schneider / Cheapism

In true "the gift that keeps on giving" fashion, if your family doesn't react to Mississippi roast being served for dinner like a couple of raccoons who just discovered an open trashcan (ahem, my family), you can get a little creative with the leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. One Redditor, u/Infinite_Fee_7966, suggests putting the leftover meat on a Hawaiian sweet roll with a slice of swiss cheese for Mississippi roast sliders. 


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This one might not be advisable if you're seeking a low cholesterol diet, though. Naysayers on Reddit point out that the salty components of the recipe are over the top. I say just opt for unsalted butter and live on the edge. You could also go for half of the required seasoning packets, but I can't personally vouch for that resulting in the same culinary experience.

And in case you're wondering why it's called the Mississippi pot roast, according to Southern Living, the recipe originated in Ripley, Mississippi where Robin Chapman adapted a pot roast recipe of her aunt's to make it less spicy for her family. Chapman's recipe quickly became popular among her family and was eventually added to a local church cookbook. The recipe eventually made its way to the internet and quickly went viral as a simple and flavor-packed favorite. 

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