Peachtree Exterior

Mid-Century Masterpiece Hits the Market in Florida

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Peachtree TV
Peachtree Orange Door
Peachtree Living Area
Peachtree Kitchen

'50s Feasting

Tapia went to great lengths to create a mid-century vibe, even sourcing period appliances (just check out that fabulous vintage oven). But Tapia says that, other than the appliances, she didn't have to update the kitchen.

Peachtree Bathroom


The bathroom is a more of a modern creation, but the cheerful white and blue tiles are in keeping with the rest of the house.

Peachtree Office

Screen It

Mid-century lovers will appreciate the old-school televisions and rotary phones. Those willing to offer more money may even be able to buy the furniture and keep the home in its period-perfect state.

Peachtree TV

Living Large

The circular home has lots of creative lighting fixtures — almost making up for the limited number of windows. There are only two: One in the master bedroom and one in the other bedroom.

Peachtree washer drier

Button Pushers

The house is technically a three bedroom, but the divider between two of the bedrooms has been removed (but can be restored, according to the listing). There is no separate laundry room, but the washer and dryer (both retro, of course) can be found in the kitchen.

Peachtree Pink

In the Pink

A bedroom shows off Tapia's collection of kitschy wall decor. With little storage space and no garage, she had to be savvy about what she kept (and collected). 

Peachtree Shower

April Showers

The shower is a showstopper — and anyone who wants it may have to dig deep into their pockets. Only all-cash offers are being accepted on the 1,268-foot property.

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