Metaverse Jobs: The Future of Work in a Virtual World

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Reality Check

The Metaverse — a virtual world where users can interact in a computer-generated environment — is no longer just the plot of outlandish sci-fi movies. The growing popularity of virtual reality and artificial intelligence has led to the creation of a world that experts predict by 2050 will drastically change the way we live and work. With the Metaverse expanding, so too are job opportunities within and around it. Here's a look at some of the highest-paid Metaverse roles, with average earnings supplied by Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter, and what they entail. We start with some that feel like traditional jobs, except that they take place wholly inside the Metaverse, and move on to some tech jobs that make virtual-reality worlds possible.

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Virtual Real Estate Agent

Average Annual Salary: $98,100

Anything is possible in the Metaverse — and that includes buying and selling virtual property. Virtual real estate agents specialize in buying, selling, and leasing virtual properties for events, businesses, and community building. Daily tasks may involve doing market research, negotiating deals, preparing documents, and providing expert advice on virtual real estate transactions. 

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Virtual Event Planner

Average Annual Salary: $51,334

A virtual event planner does exactly that: planning and executing virtual events, meaning they take place within the Metaverse and are attended by users’ avatars. They work with clients to determine goals and objectives, creating detailed plans for each event. This may include choosing a virtual venue, arranging for entertainment or speakers, and coordinating logistical elements such as guest lists and activities.

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Virtual Tour Guide

Average Annual Salary: $49,570

Virtual tour guides lead visitors through online environments and experiences. They provide information, interact with guests, and create exciting events for users. Their role is to enhance visitors' experience and provide them with a better understanding of the virtual world they are visiting — whether it's a museum, theme park, or other type of simulation. 

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Metaverse Architect

Average Annual Salary: $54,600

A virtual architect designs and builds virtual environments to create immersive and vibrant experiences for users. They use cutting-edge technology to craft digital worlds, paying close attention to detail, and ensuring that the environment is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and optimized.

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Social Media Manager

Average Annual Salary: $84,024

Ideal for those who thrive in interactive settings, social media managers are responsible for overseeing the company's online presence and reputation within virtual spaces. This involves creating and curating content, engaging with community members, analyzing metrics, and adapting strategies to meet changing trends and technologies within the Metaverse.

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Data Bounty Hunter

Average Annual Salary: $55,760

A data (or bug) bounty hunter collects and verifies valuable data in virtual environments. They use various tools and techniques to trace, collect information, and validate the authenticity and accuracy of corrupted data or bugs. This information is used to improve the overall experience and functioning of the Metaverse.

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Virtual Content Creator

Average Annual Salary: $83,656

A virtual content creator produces and distributes multimedia content such as video, audio, and text to enhance user experience and create immersive virtual assets. They may create 3D animations, design virtual environments, produce video and audio content, or write articles and blogs to inform and entertain users in the Metaverse.

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Game Designer

Average Annual Salary: $99,953

Getting paid to create and test video games? Talk about a dream job! In the Metaverse, game designers work with developers, artists, and engineers to create experiences that are entertaining, accessible, and sophisticated, all while providing players with a sense of adventure and challenge. Game designers must be able to harness creativity and technique to create experiences that stand out in the competitive world of gaming. 

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3D Animator

Average Annual Salary: $92,007

A 3D animator is responsible for creating designs that bring virtual environments and experiences to life. They use computer software to create movements, actions, and emotions in virtual characters, objects, and environments — and work closely with game designers and developers to create visually stunning and immersive experiences.

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UX Designer

Average Annual Salary: $204,168

Clocking in as one of the highest-paid jobs within the Metaverse, a UX designer is responsible for optimizing user experience. These “user experience” designers create wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs for virtual interfaces, working closely with a development team to ensure that designs are implemented correctly. A UX designer must have strong analytical skills, an eye for detail, and a good understanding of human-computer interaction.

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IT Support Specialist

Average Annual Salary: $114,000

Responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the infrastructure that powers the virtual world, IT specialists are in charge of the nitty-gritty to ensure seamless performance, security, and scalability of each virtual environment. This includes designing and implementing network architecture, developing applications, managing databases, and ensuring compatibility with various devices and platforms. 

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Cybersecurity Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $258,036

Netting well over an annual quarter-million dollars on average, cybersecurity engineers are handsomely compensated because their jobs are vital to the safety of the Metaverse. Since virtual platforms can be vulnerable to hackers and data theft, cybersecurity engineers work to ensure the security and protection of its users' private information. This involves designing, implementing, and maintaining security measures such as firewalls, encryption, and access controls.