Mercedes 2024 E-Class with TikTok feature


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Have you ever arrived at your destination, put your car in park, and gotten the sudden, uncontrollable urge to watch a TikTok video or play a round of Angry Birds? No? Mercedes-Benz thinks you might. The automaker has released a preview of its upcoming 2024 E-Class sedan highlighting a "superscreen" embedded in the dash to keep drivers entertained — as long as they're parked, of course. Safety first, folks.

Though occupants can watch TikTok videos and play Angry Birds, the technology isn't all focused on entertainment: The new E-Class is also equipped with Zoom and Webex for videoconferencing with the help of a selfie camera built right into the dash. The front-seat passenger also has a discreet touchscreen for watching videos or movies and a web browser is available for download.

The high-tech dashboard offers safety features to go along with its obvious distractions, like a camera that detects if the driver is viewing the passenger's screen, dimming it if the driver's eyes are off the road for too long. The new E-Class also embraces artificial intelligence to track drivers' preferences for things like climate control, interior lighting, and heated seats below a certain temperature.

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The German automaker hasn't yet announced pricing for the 2024 E-Class, but the 2023 model starts at about $57,000. Mercedes expects to unveil the revamped model later this year, so more details may be forthcoming. And who knows, by then Mercedes may have figured out a way to allow owners to make TikTok videos not just watch them. Wouldn't that be something worth sharing.

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