Decadent Meatless Casserole Recipes to Try Now

Decadent Meatless Dishes

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Shepherd's Pie or Cottage Pie. Casserole in baking dish

Meatless Wonders

Meat doesn't have to be the centerpiece of every dish, especially when it comes to casseroles. They're already usually made with a glut of carbs, creamy sauces, and cheese, all of which are filling and decadent on their own. Whether you're experimenting with vegetarianism, observing Lent, or just want to try meatless Mondays, here are some filling, comforting, and hearty casseroles to whip up soon.

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Casserole with broccoli, potatoes, eggs and cheese.

Cheesy Cheddar Broccoli Casserole

Broccoli cheese casserole is a classic for a reason. This version uses frozen broccoli for convenience, but you can substitute fresh. Heating the sauce and cheese up on the stove first adds an extra step, but it ensures that everything is smooth, creamy, and cheesy. French-fried onions add some crunch on top.

Recipe: Taste of Home

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Italian eggplant dish eggplant aubergine with parmesan cheese

Eggplant Parmesan

Instead of frying the eggplant slices, you bake them on sheet pans in this recipe. It creates much less mess, is healthier, and frees you up to assemble the other ingredients. Use a high-quality jarred marinara like Rao's or use your own homemade sauce if you prefer.

Recipe: Eating Well

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Chicken biscuit casserole

Vegetable Pot Pie Skillet with Cheddar Biscuit Topping

This easy recipe tastes just like chicken pot pie but without the meat. Frozen mixed vegetables are a time-saver, but you can use any combination of fresh and frozen you like. Thyme and sage give the creamy filling flavor while the biscuits cooked on top are full of cheese and fresh chives.

Recipe: Budget Bytes

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Fresh baked French Toast Casserole in a stoneware baking pan
Cavan Images/istockphoto

Overnight Bourbon Cinnamon French Toast Bake

Who says you can't have decadence for breakfast or brunch? A splash of bourbon adds an extra layer of complexity to this sweet, bread pudding-like casserole. The topping is like streusel, adding spices, sweetness, and a little crunch. 

Recipe: The Chunky Chef

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Scalloped Potatoes

Scalloped Potatoes

You'll never go back to the boxed stuff when you try a real scalloped potato recipe like this one. The rich, creamy sauce includes onions and garlic for extra flavor, plus plenty of sharp cheddar and Parmesan cheese. You can use a mandoline to make slicing the potatoes easier, but you don't need one.

Recipe: Gimme Some Oven

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Keto ground beef enchiladas casserole
gwenael le vot/istockphoto

Vegetable Enchilada Casserole

Who needs meat when you've got a veggie medley packed with zucchini, black beans, corn, and chiles? The mixture and plenty of cheese is layered with corn tortillas and enchilada sauce. It may seem like making the sauce from scratch would be complicated, but it's a very quick all-in-one-pot recipe using pantry staples.

Recipe: Budget Bytes

Hearty cauliflower gratin in a pink baking dish

Cauliflower Gratin

There is no better way to dress up a boring head of cauliflower than by blanketing it in creamy sauce. This is a classic recipe that uses Gruyere, a sharp Swiss-like cheese, Parmesan, and nutmeg to add depth to the sauce. A topping of breadcrumbs and more cheese gets nice and brown and adds texture to the finished casserole.

Recipe: Food Network

shepherds pie in baking dish on wooden table

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie

For some, mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. Bake them in a layer on top of a rich filling made with Worcestershire, red wine, and herbs, and it's heaven in a baking dish. You won't miss the meat, which is replaced with lots of crimini mushrooms, carrots, peas, and corn for a meatless but still hearty meal.

Recipe: Two Peas and Their Pod

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Close-up of Pasta with Roasted Pepper Cream Sauce

Monterey Spaghetti

This impossibly simple pasta casserole is great for weeknights and feeding a lot of people easily. The creamy sauce is made with sour cream, egg, and Monterey jack cheese. Chopped frozen spinach is a healthy and colorful addition, while canned fried onions give it a little crunch on top. 

Recipe: Taste of Home 


Creamy Baked Mac and Cheese

No decadent casserole list would be complete without baked macaroni and cheese. This recipe is especially over-the-top since it uses half and half to make the cheese sauce, along with a full six cups of cheese. The mixture of sharp cheddar and Gruyere is classic, and the layer of shredded cheese in the middle of the casserole is a winner.

Recipe: The Chunky Chef

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Vegetable Lasagna

Lasagna doesn't need meat to be outrageously good — and full of cheese. You can use any vegetables you like in the mix here, including eggplant, summer squash, carrots, or mushrooms, but spinach is always a must. A full pound of ricotta, pound of gooey mozzarella, and cup of Parmesan finish it all off.

Recipe: Smitten Kitchen

Gooey peanut butter jam brownie.

Peanut Butter Brownie Baked Oatmeal

It's hard to get much more decadent for breakfast than with this chocolate banana peanut butter creation. Baked oatmeal has a texture that can either be scooped when warm or cut into squares right from the fridge. Try it warm with some cold milk poured over the top, which will soon turn to chocolate milk from all the cocoa in this recipe.

Recipe: Budget Bytes

Homemade Tater Tot Hotdish Casserole

Vegetarian Tater Tot Hotdish

Tater tot hotdish is an upper Midwest casserole that's usually made with ground beef. In this version, the meat is swapped for more vegetables, including carrots, peas, and corn. Though the recipe calls for a homemade version of cream of mushroom soup, you can just use a can of Campbell's if you prefer. 

Recipe: Fork in the Kitchen

Baked casserole topping

Stuffed Mushroom Casserole

The stuffed mushrooms you get from your favorite restaurant are always swimming in garlic butter and stuffed with cheesy deliciousness. They're a pain to put together, unless you make them in casserole form. Chopped mushrooms are sauteed and then mixed with cream cheese and garlic. A mix of panko breadcrumbs and cheese on top gives it that characteristic crispy crust.

Recipe: Food Network

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penne alla vodka is tender pasta tossed in a rich and delicious tomato, vodka and cream sauce, all topped with parmesan cheese close-up. horizontal

Creamy Tomato Pasta Bake

Who needs meat when you can have cheese-covered carbs? A simple baked pasta and red sauce casserole is a go-to for most families, but this one amps things up with heavy cream, making it a rich special occasion-worthy treat. 

Recipe: Spend with Pennies

Homemade Baked Egg Casserole

Broccoli-Mushroom Bubble Bake

Canned biscuits are a quick comfort food, but instead of baking them like normal, try this casserole for your next weekend breakfast. Chopped biscuits are layered with sauteed mushrooms, onions, frozen broccoli, and cheese sauce. A savory egg mixture is poured over the top, turning it into a biscuit and egg heaven.

Recipe: Taste of Home

Healthy Homemade Thanksgiving Green Bean and Beef Casserole in a White Dish Pan with a Spoon on a Natural Napkin

Green Bean Casserole with Fried Shallots

Campbell's green bean casserole might be the quintessential American casserole, but there's always room for variation. This recipe swaps out the cream of mushroom soup for a homemade mushroom cream sauce made with white wine and garlic. On top, homemade fried shallots are an upgrade from fried onions, too. 

Recipe: Country Living

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Turkey casserole with broccoli, rice and crumbled crackers
John Hancock Photography/istockphoto

Broccoli Cheddar Rice

Going one step further with broccoli cheese casserole brings you to this recipe which is more substantial since it includes rice. A can of condensed cheddar cheese soup makes quick work of a creamy sauce and coats all the broccoli and rice evenly.

Recipe: Campbell's

Tamale pie casserole served with sour cream close-up in a pan. horizontal

Vegetarian Tamale Pie with Brown Butter Cornbread Crust

A vegetarian chili full of peppers, beans, cumin, and chile powders is the base for this Tex-Mex casserole. Green olives give the chili a little tang and cut through the richness, while browning the butter in the jalapeno cornbread topping gives it nuttiness and complexity. If you're short on time, your favorite cornbread mix will do in a pinch. 

Recipe: Serious Eats

Sweet potato banana baked oatmeal with pecan crumb crust

Cranberry Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole

There's no reason to relegate sweet potato casseroles to only the holidays, and with this flavor-packed recipe, you won't want to. The sweet potatoes are sliced instead of mashed, and they're flavored with maple syrup and orange zest. A simple topping of pecans, tart frozen cranberries, and brown sugar adds crunch and sweetness. 

Recipe: Love Bakes Good Cakes

Homemade Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole

Cheesy Hash Brown Bake

No matter what you call this recipe — it goes by a lot of names in different parts of the country — it's a dish that will go quickly. This version, with frozen, shredded hash browns, canned cream soup, and sour cream, is the standard that can easily be modified. Try frozen potatoes O'Brien, cream of mushroom soup, or with various toppings like crushed Ritz crackers or corn flakes. 

Recipe: Taste of Home

Creamy Baked Pesto Chicken, Mushroom and Penne Casserole

Mushroom Marsala Pasta Bake

You won't miss the chicken in this vegetarian marsala casserole. The intense Italian wine flavors the creamy sauce that's full of mushrooms, onions, and Parmesan. Cubed mozzarella tossed with the pasta before baking melts into little pockets of gooey cheese.

Recipe: Smitten Kitchen

Homemade Corn Pudding Casserole

Easy Corn Casserole

Corn casserole is a spoonable, slightly sweet corn pudding that makes a great side dish. It's made with pantry staples like canned corn, cornbread mix, and eggs, so chances are you'll be able to make it anytime. Experiment with additions like jalapenos, cheese, or even a swirl of jam.

Recipe: The Chunky Chef

Yellow Baking Dish of Summer Squash Casserole

Summer Squash Mushroom Casserole

Squash casserole is a Southern classic for summer when zucchini and summer squash are overflowing the garden. This version includes mushrooms, a welcome addition, along with cream of mushroom soup, cheese, and a topping of crushed buttery crackers for good measure. 

Recipe: Taste of Home

Spinach and Cheese Casserole Horizontal
Brycia James/istockphoto

Spinach Ravioli Lasagna

This recipe is a great way to use up a jar of Alfredo that's been languishing in your cabinet. Chopped spinach and pesto are layered like a lasagna with frozen cheese ravioli and Alfredo, creating a simple, decadent casserole that's not far off from a white lasagna but takes a fraction of the effort.

Recipe: Southern Living

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