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Under the heading of "Crap You Seriously Thought Was Garbage But It Turns Out Some Idiot Will Pay Good Money for It," we have this: There is a treasure trove (or garbage pile) full of McDonald's packaging available for sale on eBay. That's right, packaging

Like this "RARE unused Filet-o-Fish clamshell" priced at just $36.99.

Filet-o-Fish eBay AuctionPhoto credit: / frank-in-stein

And before you say, "Well, any weirdo can put something on eBay for some ridiculous price no one would ever actually pay," check out this out: 

One seller has already sold 10 Big Mac containers from the '80s for $34.95. But not to worry there are still 5 left. Incredibly, or alarmingly, there are 70 people currently "watching this." 

eBay Auction Big Mac containerPhoto credit: / sarge_and_reds

Or if you're on a budget, might we interest you in this Quarter Pounder with Cheese container for $25?

Quarter Pounder with Cheese container eBay AuctionPhoto credit: / billz

Or the perennial crowd favorite Chicken McNuggets container for $34.99? I could go on, but there's no reason to make you cry or — worse — dig through your trash.

eBay auction for McDonald's Chicken McNuggets styrofoam containerPhoto credit: / 6893markp

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Bonus: Here's a TikTok video of someone unpacking 'vintage' McDonald's containers (trash) from a vintage McDonald's bag (trash), in someone's strange (and expensive trip) down memory lane. 

Before you dismiss this as a money laundering operation or something equally nefarious, let's just take a deep breath and remember one man's (or all sane people's) trash is another weirdo's treasure. And there's one mildly positive but problematic upside to this: Every hoarder in America can now turn to their significant other (if they haven't already left screaming) and say, "See! I was holding on to that FOR A REASON!" 

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