McDonald's Holiday Pie


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Move over apple, there's a new McDonald's pie in town: holiday pie.

If that name sounds vague, that's because it is. But the portable treat still has quite the cult following, despite not being able to discern what it is from the menu board if you've never had it before. 

Unlike that other McDonald's cult classic, the McRib, the holiday pie is unlikely to be particularly gross or offensive to your taste buds since it's not processed pork formed into a vague meat-like shape. These pies are filled with a creamy, butter yellow vanilla custard, kind of like what you get in a Boston cream pie or custard-filled doughnut. Festooned with festive rainbow sprinkles, they're also fun to eat.

Though the annual treat hasn't officially come back yet this year — there's been no word from McDonald's corporate, yet — social media users have reported already spotting it. 

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If you're hoping to try a holiday pie for yourself, it's best to call your McDonald's location to make sure they're serving them. Not just because it's not official yet, but also because not every location has carried them in past years. Many social media users have reported that there are no holiday pies to be found in their areas, so plan ahead before you head to the drive-thru. 

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