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Willy Wonka who? Ronald McDonald's McGold Card is the modern-day, real-life golden ticket, only instead of a trip to a candy factory with a chocolate river and Oompa Loompas galore, Mickey D's golden reward grants you a lifetime of free food. 

Swim in that delicious fountain Coca-Cola, satisfy your sweet tooth by adding hot fudge to your McFlurry (as long as the ice cream machine isn't down, that is), and order one of every dipping sauce to dunk your McNuggets in — the opportunities are only limited by your cholesterol levels, folks. McDonald's McGold Card is up for grabs for three lucky winners, along with three friends, with a lifetime of free McDonald's on the table.

The coveted McGold Card is the catalyst for a more expansive campaign dubbed McDonald's SZN of Sharing. It offers exclusive perks through the restaurant's app from Dec. 5 until Dec. 25. Every purchase customers make using the app ups their chances to win the McGold Card, plus holiday merch is available from Dec. 7 until Dec. 14 on the app with a $1 minimum purchase. Of course, in line with its enticing app offers, The Golden Arches is also offering several food deals, including 50-cent double cheeseburgers and buy one, get one free Big Macs.

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If a lifetime of free fast food sounds McDreamy to you, here's how you can shoot your shot at winning the McGold Card. Starting Dec. 5, McDonald's rewards members who make purchases via the McDonald's app are automatically entered in the contest, though entries are limited to one a day. Or go to the "no purchase required for contest entry" website starting Dec. 5 and provide your name, email, and other details to enter. Entries are also limited to one a day. All entries must be received by midnight local time Dec. 25 to qualify.

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