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Thanks to TikTok, we have learned many things. How to do our laundry, how to know if we are eating enough protein, how to buy scam MLM (that's multi-level marketing for the uninitiated) stuff, and so on, ad nauseam. 

Now, we can add to that list where to buy ridiculously expensive McDonald's combo meals. Really, life before this app just wasn't worth living, was it?

According to TikToker @xconmedia, one McDonald's in Connecticut charges a monstrous sum for combo meals. How much? Get your wallets ready — or maybe consider a non-fast food option (or just flee the state at meal time) because it might be cheaper. 

Big Mac combo meals here came in at $16.89, but they weren't even the most expensive. A Quarter Pounder with Cheese combo was $17.89 and a Quarter Pounder Deluxe combo was a whopping $18.29. A McCrispy Chicken Combo wouldn't save you much, either, as it came in at $16.69. Even in Singapore a combo meal might be less. 

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Of course, some people (read: social media influencers) can think of nothing more exciting than spending their (parents') hard-earned money on the most expensive food they can pick up at McDonald's. By hitting the "add" button wherever possible, a Double Quarter Pounder with extra cheese, extra bacon, extra lettuce, extra tomato, and 4 and 1/4 pounds of beef came in at $17.52 for TikToker @bencartervids. A Big Mac with extras isn't cheap, either. 

So, you know, you can spend plenty on a simple beef-laden sandwich wherever you are. Yay.

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