McDonald's Wakanda Forever Black Panther Happy Meal

McDonald's USA

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McDonald's has been on a roll with Happy Meals lately, and the latest variation is no exception: Black Panther Happy Meals were just released, complete with sleek black and purple box.

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It's timed to coincide with the release of "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever," which lands in theaters Nov. 11. Considering the first "Black Panther" is a beloved movie in part for its groundbreaking celebration of Black culture, the sequel may be a huge hit as well. 

Though Happy Meals are ostensibly for kids, there's no way adults aren't going to want the toys that come with this one. There are 10 different super hero figures, from favorites like Shuri to newcomers to the sequel like (spoiler alert?) Namor and Ironheart. Will these be sold second hand for buckets of money like the toys from last month's adult Happy Meals? Will McDonald's employees have to deal with overeager fans again? Time will tell, but all signs point to these toys selling out fast too.

McDonald's is hoping that its Happy Meals inspire kids. The first Black Panther movie "set a whole new standard for representation on the big screen," said Jennifer Healan, vice president of U.S. marketing, brand content, and engagement at McDonald's, in a statement. "And now, we're excited to bring that experience to our restaurants and help fans see and celebrate their inner hero with this new Happy Meal – because seeing is believing." The anticipated jump in sales the themed Happy Meals are expected to bring probably doesn't hurt either. 

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