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Big Mac lovers everywhere, rejoice! McDonald's just announced that it's going to offer that burger's tangy, creamy signature sauce in little cups, just like its barbecue and sweet and sour sauces. Finally, you'll be able to dip anything you want in it, and we highly suggest trying it with the chain's addictive french fries.

But this is a global fast food chain we're talking about, so of course there's a catch — or two. If you want to dip those fries, you're going to have to pay for the pleasure, because the new Big Mac sauce cups only come free with McNuggets. Like, we get it, we've been paying for sauces for years now. But whoever decided that Big Mac sauce would be better with McNuggets than with fries is crazy.

How much you'll be paying depends on your location, because "pricing is at the discretion of each individual restaurant," according to an emailed statement from McDonald's USA. If you happen to live in an area where they still don't charge you for cups of sauce, though, congratulations for winning that jackpot.

Big Mac sauce will be available in retro-colored blue and silver cups starting on April 27. You'll only be able to get it by ordering through the McDonald's mobile app, though, and it's not a permanent menu item. So when it's gone, it's gone for good. "Can’t wait to hear about how every store is sold out by 2pm the very first day it’s available," said Redditor u/ja173308 in what is probably a very prescient comment

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Annoyingly, McDonald's customers in other parts of the world, including Canada, have been enjoying Big Mac sauce in cups for a while now. "Why do I feel like American fast food chains in other countries are just a few notches above the ones in the U.S.?" ponders u/Reyashine in a thread about Big Mac sauce cups in China. The FOMO is real, but at least this time we're getting the goods too. 

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