Big Mac Hack

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Are we still hitting up the Golden Arches and saying wreckless things to the drive-thru workers like, "Can I get a number one, a number seven large-sized, and two number fours, please?" 

You're bound to get sticker shock once you're told your total after an order like that, which has led many a McDonald's patron to swear their allegiance to the value menu instead. The only problem with sticking to the cheap stuff is that it gets boring after a while and the craving for a Big Mac creeps in. 

Fear not, McDonald's maniac. TikToker @cheapguyrahul has a nifty little McDonald's hack that will satisfy your Big Mac craving. 

Try This McDonald's Big Mac Hack:

Ask for a McDouble with no ketchup or mustard. Then, ask to add shredded lettuce and Mac sauce. That's it. It's that easy.

big ac on a scalePhoto credit: TikTok / cheapguyrahul

In his viral video, Rahul uses a food scale to show the differences between a typical Big Mac and his hack. An ordered as-is Big Mac comes in at 202 grams (and 590 calories). 

Some of the main things that set the Big Mac apart from the hacked burger are the sesame seed bun and the middle bun between the burger patties. And let's be real for a second, neither of those features makes or breaks a Big Mac, and nutrition-wise, it wouldn't be the worst thing to axe the middle bun.

mcdouble on a scalePhoto credit: TikTok / cheapguyrahul

The McDouble came in at 157 grams, and Rahul reweighed the burgers again without the Big Mac's middle bun and they were neck-and-neck. Calorie-wise, the McDouble contains 400 calories, and for the sake of not getting too complicated, let's just say the lettuce in place of the ketchup and mustard is an even swap. 

Mac Sauce, on the other hand, accounts for an added 70 calories. Still, this Mac hack shaves off more than 100 calories.

mcdouble vs big macPhoto credit: TikTok / cheapguyrahul

How Much Money Does the Hack Save You?

Prices are going to vary from location to location, but a Big Mac usually costs around $6 for just the sandwich while a McDouble is under $3, and adding Mac Sauce is usually only about a 30-cent upcharge. The proof is in the math, guys. This hack cuts cost andcalories.

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