McAlister's Deli Fast Casual Restaurant. McAlister's serves their Famous Sweet Tea.


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Club sandwich love is real at McAlister’s Deli, a Mississippi-born sandwich chain that’s alive and well in the South. With over 20 sandwiches on the menu — seven of which are club sandwich variations — there are a lot of ingredients to work with.

How do you hack these ingredients into some new sandwiches? Great question. Here are eight dishes to try from the McAlister’s Deli secret menu.

1. Veggie Wrap

Major shoutout to the Cheapist who thought this one up. Just grab a kids garden salad and load it up into a tortilla. A perfectly thought-out secret menu item.

2. Peppers, Onions, and Beef Sandwich

This actually existed on the McAlister’s menu back in 2012, and it’s easy enough to recreate. Certain locations may know this sandwich by name, but if not, just add bell peppers, onions, and Provolone cheese to a French dip sandwich.

3. Custom Baked Potatoes

Add anything you want from the menu, like broccoli and cheese, to your baked potato, or get a side of chili and make your own chili cheese spud. Lots of options here.

4. Turkey Cranberry Griller

This is a seasonal hack, as McAlister’s only rolls out its turkey cranberry salad in November. (Not to be confused with the orange cranberry club, which was discontinued. Fans can find McAlister's orange cranberry club recipes online if you want to try your own homemade hack.) It's a big ask, so make sure the employees are on board.

  • Ask for said turkey cranberry salad on your choice of bread, grilled.

  • Tip extremely well.

5. Spicy Grilled Cheese

  • Get yourself a four cheese melt.

  • Add some extra slices of Provolone and Swiss cheese on there.

  • Add horseradish sauce.

  • For a cheaper, albeit smaller option, start with the kids cheese toastie instead.

french dip at mcalister'sPhoto credit: McAlister's Deli

6. The Godfather

  • Order a toasted baguette with Black Angus roast beef and melted Provolone.

  • If your location carries pizza sauce, ask them to add it.

7. The Patriot

Please don’t order this when the store is busy.

  • Ask for a McAlister’s Club, and hold the ham, bacon, and cheese.

  • Keep the lettuce, tomatoes, and light mayo.

  • Sub the honey mustard for orange cranberry sauce.

  • Replace the wheat bread with white bread.

8. Sweetberry Chicken

  • Start with a grilled chicken sandwich.

  • Swap the croissant for wheat berry bread.

  • Ditch the mayo and add orange cranberry sauce.

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