Mazda 3 car in front of dealership building


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Sure, your car beeps when you fall asleep at the wheel or drift into another lane, but what if you have a heart attack or stroke while driving? Mazda is working on it.

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The Japanese carmaker is working with medical experts to collect image data of healthy drivers as well as incapacitated drivers, reports USA Today. The goal: Cameras inside the car will let drivers know if they are about to have a sudden health problem and warn them. The car will safely pull over, and automatically make an emergency call for an ambulance and the police. There will also be warning signals, though whether that will be honking, hazard lights, or both has yet to be decided.

The upgrade will be available in more-affordable Mazdas, not just luxury models, in 2025. Given that the median age of people in Japan is just over 48, the highest median age in the world, this might be an upgrade that's particularly ideal for the nation's aging populace. After Japan, the feature will be offered in Europe, but Mazda isn't sure about when it will be rolled out in U.S. cars due to privacy concerns. 

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Don't want a Mazda? Volkswagen and Toyota are working on similar technology.

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