The Laziest Dogs in the World

Funny Sleepy Pug Dog with gum in the eye sleep rest on floor in lazy time with tongue sticking out and hearing set.


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Funny Sleepy Pug Dog with gum in the eye sleep rest on floor in lazy time with tongue sticking out and hearing set.

Cute Couch Potatoes

Looking to add a calm canine to your life? Then you may not want an Australian Cattle Dog, Border Collie or Standard Poodle, just a couple of the breeds that need hours of daily activity. If your speed is more Netflix and chill than 5K marathon, these low-effort yet lovable dogs may be more your speed. 

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Basset hound lying on pillow

Basset Hound

​​Number one on our list of couch potato pups is the sweet and mellow Basset Hound. These dogs will happily lay around all day long if you let them, though it’s good for their health (and yours) to force them to get up and go for at least one good walk a day. It’s amazing to think this breed’s purpose was to help sniff out the tracks of rabbit and deer for hunters when their favorite place to be these days is sleeping on the couch.

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Bulldog relaxing on floor.

English Bulldog

Not surprisingly, this barrel-shaped breed is perfect for families whose idea of a good time is staying in with the air conditioning blasting over hiking up mountains. With their short snouts, heavy exercise, especially in very hot weather, is a no-go, though they do enjoy (and need) daily strolls when the weather is moderate.

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a bored french bulldog lying down and resting on sofa looking outside
Edwin Tan/istockphoto

French Bulldog

These sweet and happy pups are pretty adaptable to most living situations, including apartment living and less active lifestyles. Due to their short nose they, like their cousin the English Bulldog, are a Brachycephalic breed, meaning they can have breathing difficulties from overexertion, especially in hot weather.

A bernese mountain dog on the grass

Bernese Mountain Dog

These big babies are described as “placid” by the American Kennel Club. While many other larger dogs may require hours and hours of exercise daily, in general the Bernese is happy and healthy with a daily half hour stroll.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel portrait

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers are the ultimate lap dog- they were literally bred for it. As your companion, these dogs are up for hanging out and snuggling, though they also have a sporty side to them and are known to dart after an interesting smell, so keep them leashed.

Cute greyhound is resting at blanket outdoors.
Zbynek Pospisil/istockphoto


Shocked by this one? Greyhounds are surprisingly lazy inside the house. They love to lounge. Don’t get too complacent with them though- they still need regularly and safely scheduled excursions. Particularly, they require outings where they can run like the wind for short bursts of energy, whether that’s chasing a lure or a tennis ball.

St. Bernard dog

Saint Bernard

This drooly but sweet dog doesn't need tons of exercise as long they are with their family. However, they do enjoy daily outdoor excursions that aren’t too intense for their big joints and bones.

Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin

Bred to be lap dogs, these pups are perfect for apartment living. They are happiest when hanging out with their people all day, and need just short strolls.

Funny Sleepy Pug Dog with gum in the eye sleep rest on floor


Pugs are also a Brachycephalic breed, meaning their cute, smooshed faces are not built for heavy exercise. That said, they have a tendency towards obesity so should get regular easygoing walks and playtime, except when it’s too hot out.

Dog on bed
Milan Markovic/istockphoto


These guys are born to hang out on your lap and look handsome. Plus, the exercise they do get should be at their own pace- those little legs and mops of fur aren’t built for speed. 

Two greatdane laying on sidewalk

Great Dane

Great Danes are some of the most gigantic dogs, with one pup named Zeus just making the Guiness Book of World Records as the tallest dog in the world. But bigger doesn’t necessarily mean more activity for this mellow breed. In fact, too much exercise, especially when they are still puppies, can be hard on their bones and joints.

Bullmastiff dog large pet portrait friendly animals lies and sleeps


Bred to stand and guard and not wander and chase, this breed can steer towards sedentary, but some of them can be very active. It’s recommended that you avoid running with this large breed as it can be damaging to their joints, though they do enjoy taking walks.

Pyrenees Mountain Dog

Great Pyrenees

This is another mountain of a breed that was meant to sit and watch, keeping an eye on the flock and using their energy only when they need to fend off danger. That said, walks are good for every dog breed.

Shih tzu dog relaxing on the sofa.
Drazen Zigic/istockphoto

Shih Tzu

With all that beautifully groomed hair, can you blame this pup for spending its time hanging out on your lap looking pretty? After all, that's literally what they were made for- hanging out at home with their companion, simply being adorable. 

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