Velveeta instant mac and cheese


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If Kraft Heinz advertises that a cup of Velveeta microwavable shells and cheese is ready to eat in 3½ minutes then, darn it, it shouldn't take longer. That's the philosophy of a Florida consumer who is suing the company for $5 million in a class-action lawsuit that says the microwavable snack takes longer to prepare than the advertised time. 

Amanda Ramirez filed the suit against Kraft Heinz, saying that the advertised preparation time is "false and misleading," according to court documents. The number only accounts for cooking time and fails to take into consideration the time needed to remove the lid, take out the sauce pouch, add water, and stir — steps that make it impossible to prepare the product in 3½ minutes, the suit says. 

For its part, Kraft Heinz doesn't seem all that worried, telling CNN and other news outlets that the suit is "frivolous." 

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In addition to the $5 million Ramirez is seeking, the suit also seeks punitive damages from the Kraft Heinz Co. along with requests that the company “be ordered to cease its deceptive advertising” and “be made to engage in a corrective advertising campaign." 

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