KFC Canada gravy lover's sandwich


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Everyone has gravy on the brain with the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday this week, which is why we're all drooling over the Gravy Lovers Sandwich, KFC Canada's latest creation.

It's made with a fried chicken breast topped with a slice of Monterey Jack cheese, a swipe of mayo, and the pièce de résistance: an indented fried hash brown patty that serves as a bowl for the chain's irresistible brown gravy. 

@yothatssobomb It’s the hashbrown with the gravy poured on top for me! 🤤🥔  #ad #KFCCanada #gravyloverssandwich ♬ Sensual Seduction - Snoop Dogg

The gravy comes in a bowl on the side, so the sandwich is interactive. You pour a waterfall of the good stuff into the hash brown saucer when you're ready, because otherwise, it would be a ridiculous and ugly mess if it came pre-gravied. Plus, pouring it yourself — or dipping the sandwich into it, as lots of people on social media seem to be doing — is way more fun.

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Unfortunately for gravy-obsessed Americans, this sandwich is only available at Canadian KFCs, and it'll set you back a hefty CA$10.80, or about $8.07. Still, if you love gravy and fried potato patties enough, perhaps it's worth a border crossing if you happen to live nearby and your gravy cravings aren't satisfied on Thanksgiving.

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