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Sound the alarm! Call Scotland Yard! McDonald's is bringing back adult Happy Meals, and this time The Golden Arches is gracing us with a beloved toy we haven't seen in 25 years: McNugget Buddies! 

McDonald's has been leaning heavily into nostalgia in the last couple of years. We've spotted the Hamburglar on billboards and lest we forget the Grimace shake that hit the menu earlier this year in honor of the purple blob's b-day. Last year, the fast-food chain unveiled a limited-time lineup of adult Happy Meals and they were both a smash hit and an internet sensation. Now, it only makes sense to capitalize upon the inner child inside all of us and bring back one of the most iconic Happy Meal toys with an all-new lineup of characters to go alongside your meal.

Of course, as with any new and flashy menu item, the latest adult Happy Meal is part of a collaboration with a celebrity — Kerwin Frost, a Harlem-based artist known for his work in the fashion and music industries.

In case you aren't up-to-date on your Mickey D's nostalgia: McNugget Buddies are adorable toy chicken nuggets dressed as different characters. The new buds on the block were designed with Frost and were inspired by his childhood experiences, according to the official press release. Here's who you might find in your box when you grab your adult Happy Meal:

Darla McNugget BuddyPhoto credit: McDonald's


Plaid skirt-laden Darla is dubbed "The Dreamer," and is described as a "soft-spoken yet peacefully confident singer" who came to the fictional Frost Way to become the lead singer of "The Frostettos." The commitment to the back story of these nuggie buddies is real, guys. 

Darla is also apparently the endless employee of the month at the local Frost Way Mickey D's. Obviously.

Don Bernice McNugget BuddyPhoto credit: McDonald's

Don Bernice

With a name as cool as Don Bernice, it should come as no surprise that "The Wise Stylist" McNugget Bud is the fashion designer who creates all the outfits for the rest of the Buddies in Frost Way. Her own look appears to be some sort of a magician-meets-Harry Potter vibe and we're kind of here for it. 

Uptown Moe McNugget BuddyPhoto credit: McDonald's

Uptown Moe

This guy is holding the city of Frost Way in his arms and has a Subway hand to boot. Regarded as "The Neighborhood Hero," Moe is "street-smart" and everyone in the McNugget Bud town loves him. 

Brrrick McNugget BuddyPhoto credit: McDonald's


By name alone, we had images of someone blatantly missing a shot in basketball, but with Polar Bear slippers and icy blue, spiky hair, it makes sense that Brrrick is known as "The Cool Guy," and is "the most adventurous Buddy in Frost Way" who evidently always "stays cool under pressure."

Waffutu McNugget BuddyPhoto credit: McDonald's


Referred to as "The Curious Optimist," this McNug Bud was "raised by the whole neighborhood." Her wand and crown are symbolic of her ability to spread light and positivity wherever she goes. We love a positive queen.

Kerwin Frost McNugget BuddyPhoto credit: McDonald's

Kerwin Frost

And finally, what would this collab even be if Kerwin Frost didn't create a McNugget Buddy version of himself? DUH. Naturally, this guy is the mayor of Frost Way.

What is in the new McDonald's adult Happy Meal box?

Who cares? This is all about the McNugget Buddies, is it not? Kidding, kidding. We here at Cheapism love our fast-food deals. When you order an adult Happy Meal at Mickey D's, you can choose between a Big Mac or 10-piece McNuggets, both of which will come with fries and a soft drink ... plus a toy!

When will the Kerwin Frost Box be available at McDonald's?

The Kerwin Frost Box debuts at the Golden Arches on December 11 and will only be available while supplies last, and judging by the uproar of excitement surrounding the toys, we're thinking the supplies aren't making it too far into 2024, if they see the new year at all. Better be on your toes!

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