Keep Boredom at Bay with 10 Cheap Summer Activities for Kids


Right now, your kids are no doubt on cloud nine -- school is or just about out for the summer. But in short order, boredom will sink in, and whining, crankiness, and overall dissatisfaction -- a major buzz-kill for the whole family -- will no doubt follow. To hold boredom at bay, here are some kids' activities for summer that will keep their minds and bodies busy.

1. Water play

tops the list of fun summer activities for kids. Try these water activities for kids in the summer: organize a water balloon fight; set up the sprinkler so the kids can romp through; tape trash bags together and spray with the hose for a homemade slip n' slide. And don't forget to pull out a water table or kiddie pool for the really little ones. Don't have a water table? Improvise with any large plastic container.

2. Put up a lemonade stand or organize a bake sale.

Teach kids about money and responsibility with one of these popular summer activities for kids. Give them a $10 head start to buy supplies and work with them to make the lemonade or baked goods. Watch them learn to be little entrepreneurs.

3. Encourage summer reading

through the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading program. To participate in this summer activity for kids, children read eight books and record them in the designated reading journal. The reward: a free book.

4. Beat the heat and catch a movie.

Several movie theaters offer activities for kids in the summer with discounted movie programs. Check out the Regal Summer Movie Express that has participating Regal Cinemas, United Artists, and Edwards Theatres movie houses offering select G- or PG-rated movies for $1 on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10:00. Carmike Cinemas is offering a Summer Kids Series that, for $2 on Thursdays, lets kids see a movie with popcorn and a drink.

5. Have a themed day.

A fun summer activity for kids is a day that's out of the ordinary, so host a themed day once a week. Themes such as pajama party day and pirate day are guaranteed to get your kids' imaginations going.

6. Go bowling

through the KidsBowlFree program. Bowling alleys across the U.S. are teaming up to provide free summer activities for kids. Simply register your child online and he/she will be entitled to bowl two free games each day all summer long. Times and ages vary by bowling alley.

7. Make everyday chores fun.

Just because it's summer doesn't mean the housework comes to a halt. To solve the housework/entertaining-your-children dilemma, enlist the kids' help in your daily routine. For example, a fun and practical summer activity for kids is planting and maintaining a garden. Letting this be their own special project frees up your time for other household tasks.

8. Join forces with other parents.

A group of committed parents can go a long way toward beating the summer boredom crisis. Some summer fun activities for kids to try with a crowd include organizing a play group, a neighborhood bike parade, or a weekly sporting day that includes anything from a soccer game to tag football to kickball.

9. Check the local parks and recreation department for activities.

Summer activities for kids offered through local municipalities range from dance classes to swimming lessons. Better yet, they're usually cheap or free.

10. Take part in a story group.

Your local library is an excellent resource for cheap activities for kids in the summer. Aside from checking out books for free, you can participate in programs such as story time for the little ones and reading groups for older children.

Summer camps

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