Addax Overland Trailer Jeep


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Jeep has a rich history rooted in military involvement with its inception emerging during World War II. Since then, the automaker has evolved to offer everything from off-road vehicles to SUVs and even electric models. Though the "Go anywhere. Do anything" company has strayed pretty far from its wartime beginnings, its latest innovation pays homage to its military ties. The Jeep-branded Edition by Addax overland trailer was inspired by military surveillance units and is designed for off-roading.

The two-wheel trailer has an independent suspension with 17 inches of ground clearance along with four 8,000-pound stabilizer jacks, so it's manufactured to withstand and navigate rough terrain. The 850-pound trailer is built on a military-grade steel chassis complete with bent steel body panels, so it's not only durable, it's also ideal for carrying a heavy load up to 1,200 pounds. As an added bonus, the trailer has 35 cubic-feet of storage. Want to take your Jeep camping? The Addax trailer has room to accommodate a pop-up tent too.

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Prices for the new Jeep trailer start at $18,995 and reservations are being accepted now with deliveries scheduled to start in January 2023.

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